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Capt. W.W.Williams (William White Williams) and other Williams names


I ran across the following Capt. W.W.Williams (William White Williams) family graveyard on the former Chinaberry plantation in old Aiken SC which had been part of Old 96th SC, later Barnwell Co and finally in the newly formed Aiken Co today. He and Cyril Ouviere Pascalis (whose mother Elizabeth Pascalis bought land in Montmorenci when Aiken was founded) were instrumental in getting the RR to come to Aiken from Charleston.

  • 1863 – Elizabeth Pascalis willed Pascalina the plantation to her granddaughter, Theodosia Wade, and her husband John C. Wade.
  • 1865 – Hugh Judson Kilpatrick, a Union general, used the plantation house Pascalina as headquarters during the Battle of Aiken.
  • 1865 - Confederate General Joseph Wheeler took his position in the town of Aiken at W.W. Williams plantation house Chinaberry to oppose Sherman’s raid and put an end to the Union advance westward. It was one of Sherman’s rare defeats along the way.

William W. Williams born ca 1787 died March 26, 1845 in what was  originally part of Barnwell County which became Aiken SC in 1871. Here is a mention of his grandson of the same name-
From an Occasional Correspondent. August 4, 1877, Wednesday Page 2, 667 words 
Though the meetings herein spoken of took place some weeks ago, they have not yet been publicly noticed at any length. The first of these massmeetings was held on the 11th ult., at Ellentown, and was composed equally of white and colored citizens. Major James E. Crossland presided, and W. W.Williams, Esq., was Secretary.

W.W. Williams Esq. was the grandson of Captain W.W. Williams who was instrumental in getting the RR to come to Aiken. Were they related ? to the Williams family of White Ponds, now in southeastern Aiken Co which ran between the southern RR and HIWAY 78. John Williams and brother Ben lived there. At the beginning White Ponds was in Edgefield District.  THE MOSELEYS AND MCCREARYS ALSO WERE AT WHITE PONDS. 
When Aiken was founded in 1835, there were a few stores, the C.O. Pascalis house which he was building and the Alfred Dexter cottage (engineers for the RR) and the W.W. Williams plantation near South Boundry Ave.. the oldest home in Aiken. Capt. Williams and the mother of C.O.Pascalis (Elizabeth) both attended St Thaddeus church after it was founded in 1842. Capt Williams died in 1845.
Also in reference to this Williams family in Barnwell:
John and Ben Williams and three Owens brothers traveled together down from North Carolina to Barnwell County (before Aiken County was established) in 1820. And later it was the graves of the sons of one of these pioneers of White Pond (John Williams' sons) that suffered excavation due to the belief that silver had been stored beneath the markers instead of two Rebel soldiers, when Sherman's Army marched through that section.
This must be Benjamin Williams- he would have been 35 when he got to White Ponds:
1850: Barnwell, South Carolina 
Benj Williams 55 
Sally Williams 48 
John Williams 23
Edwa Williams 20 m
Emma Williams 17
Betsy Williams 16 
Frances Williams 15 
Berry Williams 5  
Fereby Boyd 47 

The areas where the following people lived was part of Edgefield and Barnwell at one time- now partly in Aiken SC. I found the W.W. Williams graveyard in Aiken winter colony with old graves of mostly dead children. There is a grave of a Confederate soldier as well. He fell in the battle of Aiken and was nursed by the W. J. Williams'  family (John Williams) who was a son of William White Williams. (Capt W.W. Williams)
"Some Experiences During Skirmish at Aiken,"
by John Staubes. I entered service in 1864 at the age of 16, and joined Capt. Percival’s Company. This Company was made up of boys and old men of the town. Wheeler’s cavalry came into Aiken on the afternoon of Feb. 10, and on the 11th the skirmish took place. That night I was ordered to leave our camp at Croft’s Mill, but after the arrival of Wheeler’s cavalry, I went to our 1st Lt., Chas. Benson, and asked permission to visit my home, but was refused. A few minutes later, he wanted a guide to come in with Sergeant Chas. Wood, so I went with him to his home, then visited my family who lived near Coker Spring. Next morning I came back into town, and was sent to Capt. Percival for instructions to carry a message to camp. I was kept at Percival’s home until Wheeler and a number of other men went to look over the town. We were then kept on Park Ave., the Brunson & Gillam corner, for a short time, then went Main St. and remained there until the skirmish began. Then Capt. Percival called me to go as a pilot to the John Williams’ place. Col. Coon, who commanded the 2nd Tenn. Regt. wanted to get some information about the different roads around the town. The Yankees came in about as far as W. W. Williams’ home (John's father) when they were turned back. The only surviving members of our Company are: R. W. McCreary, Joe Taylor, Chas. Randall, Chas. Galloway, and John Staubes. I cannot recall all of our Company, but among them were: Capt. Percival, Lt. Chas. Benson, Sergeant Chas. Wood, Wilson Prothro, Doc. Prothro, John Moseley and Jim Moseley.

1850 Barnwell, South Carolina (at that time Aiken was Barnwell)
house 1352
Martha Williams 59 SC $1500 (widow of WW Williams)
house 1352
Luther Williams SC (her son)
Iseline? SC
Daniel Williams 8 months SC

house 1494
Seth D Williams 64 SC
Henry Williams 20 SC
Chas Williams 15 SC
Wm Williams 14 SC
James Williams 13 SC
Laura Williams 11 SC
Mary Williams 8 SC
Nelson Williams 4 SC


Capt. W.W. Williams (William White Williams born 1787 died March 26, 1845) had the oldest house in the newly founded Aiken, Barnwell Co., SC. and lived on what became South Boundry Ave. His family's graveyard is on what is now Magnolia Lane.  He was instrumental, along with Andrew Dexter and Cyril Ouviere Pascalis in founding Aiken SC. 
Children of William W. Williams b ca 1787 ( census taker in 1830) who died March 26, 1845 age 58 years and Martha M. (Jeter) Williams b ca 1791:
known children till now-
Sarah Harrietta b ca 1808 (her father spelled it Sara) m. Andrew Alfred Dexter who created Aiken SC
George V. B. 1812 died July 20, 1842 in the 30th year
Lucy J. 1813 died September 21, 1831 age 18
William J0hn Williams born Feb 1818
Martha W. 1820 died October 1, 1831 age 11
Arthur W. 1822 died 19 April 1824 age 2
unknown Williams
Luther W. Williams 1825 school commisioner 3 times, as well as sheriff
Henry J. 1832 died Sept 13, 1854 age 22 and 6 months

1850 Barnwell, South Carolina 
Martha Williams 59 (widow of WW Williams at Chinaberry plantation) 
next house 
Luther Williams 25 
Isoline 22 
Daniel 8 months  
1850 The District, Edgefield, South Carolina 
Wm J Williams 31 carpenter 
E B Williams 24  
M M Williams 7 
M W Williams 5 
Eloise Williams 3 
George Williams 1  

1860: Barnwell, South Carolina Post Office: Aiken 
W W Williams 69 (Mrs.) SC $5000 $19,500 
next house 
W J Williams 41 $5000 (house used by the Confederate commander at the Battle of Aiken) 
E B Williams 34 
Mary Williams 17 
W W Williams 15 named after the Captain and a private in the Civil War in the Edgefield Hussars
E Williams 13 (Eloise) 
G H Williams 11 (George)
T A Williams 4 (Thomas)
I B Williams 1  (Ida)
Company K - Edgefield Hussars


    Roll of Company "K," Second Regiment Artillery, Lamar's, as furnished me by Captain P. B. Waters, January 24th, 1893, written by him from memory...
1870: Aiken, Barnwell, South Carolina 
Post Office: Aiken 
John Williams 32 farmer 
Mary Williams 24 
William Williams 23 
Eloise Williams 20 
George Williams 19 
Tom Williams 14 
Ida Williams 11 
Bee McWilliams 8 
same page, his brother- Luther W. Williams 
1870: Aiken, Barnwell, South Carolina 
L W Williams 46 deputy sheriff 
M L? Williams 43 
Lucy Williams 18 
Henrietta Williams 16 
Agnes Williams 12 
Rosa Williams 10 
Patty Williams 3  

1880: Windsor, Aiken, South Carolina
probably related 
Benj. Williams 60 
Eliza A. Williams 55 
P. H. Williams 19 
Adline Williams 20  

1880: Aiken, Aiken, South Carolina 
W. J. Williams 62 Farmer 
Anna B. Williams 55 
Mary M. Williams 36 
Eloise Williams 32 
T. A. Williams 23  

1900: Aiken, Aiken, South Carol 
West South Boundry 
Birth Date: Feb 1818 SC 
Years Married: 59 
W J Williams 82 FEB 1818 SC SC SC 
W P Williams 73 Oct 1826 SC SC TN 
Eloise Williams 53 daughter 
Sam Pick 60 
Wm Clark 26
children buried in family grave yard by Luther W.Williams:
Alfred D. Williams died 1858 2 years and 3 months
Charles D. died October 1, 1851 age 6 months
Daniel T Williams died April 19, 1852 age 2 years 
other children by Luther W. Williams:
Lucy 1852
Henrietta 1854
Agnes 1858
Rosa 1860
Patty 1867
More photos of the Aiken SC Williams family graveyard-

Andrew A. Dexter also buried in this grave yard.

There is another John Williams who married a Cynthia Catherine Allen who died 31 JUL 1822 in Laurens Co. SC . John Williams died 15 OCT 1823 in Laurens Co. SC. He is not the same Williams family as the Edgefield family- but maybe the same line. Cynthia this was the daughter of Charles Allen (died 1804 Lunenburg) and Lucy Bacon b: 11 APR 1744 in Lunenburg Co, VA.
1. Charles Williams b: 1 SEP 1788
2. Lucy Williams b: 6 DEC 1790
3. Elizabeth Williams b: 12 MAY 1792
4. Lydell Williams b: 29 JUN 1793
5. Letty Williams b: 27 SEP 1794
6. Sarah Williams b: 22 AUG 1795
7. Peggy Williams b: 7 APR 1798
8. Nancy Williams b: 30 AUG 1799
9. Susan Williams b: 19 SEP 1800
10. Manima Williams b: 14 DEC 1801 in SC
11. Matilda Williams b: 25 SEP 1803
12. Clarissa Williams b: 9 OCT 1804
13. David Williams b: 1 OCT 1806
Michael Wellingtom Odom, son of Benjamin Odom of Barnwell SC. 

Map of the Crane Creek area of South Carolina
Drawn by James Cook in 1773

William and Wiley Williams references-
P 14 Edgefield Co. SC Will book A p 1 James Harrison died c 1799. Names wife Ann and Ch; James, Moses, William, Ann, Mary and Jeremiah HARRISON and grandchildren William and Wiley Williams and Mary F. dau of James Harrison. There were numerous Harrisons of Edgefield Co. SC: Jones D., Hartwell, Jobler, Stewart, Edward, Edmund, , several Roberts, Benjamin.

 1850 : Edgefield, South Carolina who are these?
house 565
Simpson Mathews 50
Sarah A. Mathews 46
house 586
John Williams 26 painter and glazier
house 587
William Mathews 33 farmer
house 591
Ann F Williams 42
Sarah M Williams 22
Mary F Williams 18
Talitha Martin 33
Freeman Martin 30 farmer
One of the Williams lines who were very early in Saluda Edgefield Barnwell:
John Williams family.

John Williams, born 1/26/1679 in Llangollan, Caernarvon, Wales , died 1735, married Mary Keeling, born 9/25/1684, daughter of Captain George Keeling and his wife Ursula. John came to Virginia from Shaw-Gallon, Wales. John and Mary Williams had eight American born children. follow the bookmarked links. ( I. John (b. 1704), II. Mary (b. 1706), III. Ann (b. 1708), IV. Daniel (b. 1710), V. Nathaniel (b. 1712), VI. Elizabeth (b. 1714), VII. Sarah W. (b. 1716), VIII. Joseph, (b. 1721).
One of his known children was a Daniel Williams, 9/28/1710 - 12/1759 who married Ursula Henderson, daughter of Thomas Henderson and his first wife, Ursula Keeling. Thomas Williams and Ursula Henderson married 10/19/1732 Their children John and James married first cousins so that John and James were also in-laws to each other and had the same grandchildren.
Will dated November 15, 1759: "the House hold Goods I desire may be equally Divided among my Seven Children (Viz.) Merya Goodman, Henry Williams, John Williams, James Williams, Joseph Williams, Mary Mitchell and Daniel Williams each of their equal Shares I give to them their issue and assigns forever." (He bought land from Richard Bullock.)

Children beside John and James-

  1. Henry Williams b: 3 NOV 1734 d. 1796 Caswell Co., NC. Married Elizabeth _________ In 1771 Charter Member of Meherrin Baptist Church, Lunenburg Co., VA. Executor of brother's will (Brig. Gen. James Henderson Williams). Also resided in Mecklenburg Co., Va. (1772 and before) and Orange County, NC. (Compiled by Fran Laird, Bel Air, MD) Will of Henry Williams, dated 1785, Caswell Co., NC
  2. Has No Children Joseph Williams b: 6 SEP 1742 d. 3 Jun 1766 Orange Co., NC. Married Sarah Lanier. (widow, Sarah Lanier Williams, married 2nd: Joseph's cousin, Robert Williams (b. 1744), s/o Nathaniel and Elizabeth Williams.
  3. Has No Children Daniel Williams b: 2 JUL 1747 On 30 July 1765, Orange Co., NC, married Ann Henderson, his 1st cousin.
  4. Has No Children Maria Williams b: 26 JUL 1733 in Hanover County, VA m. Benjamin Goodman
  5. Has No Children Mary Williams b: 30 May, 1745. m. Isaac Mitchell
  6. James Henderson Williams, son of Daniel Williams and Ursula Henderson was born near the Old Fork Church, Hanover County, Va. b. 10 Nov 1740. near Old Fork Church, Hanover Co., VA, died 8 Oct 1780, Battle of Kings Mt., Gaston Co., NC. Married Mary Wallace in 1762. Left Granville Co., NC in 1772. Was living along the Little River in Laurens Co., SC in 1773. But moved to the plantation called Mt. Pleasant on the Edgefield District side of Mud Creek by the time of the Rev War. Bloody Bill Cunningham took over his house and moved the wife and children to a barn to live in. Later he hung and disembowed 2 ot he other children. James was a farmer, ran a mill, and a merchant. In physical appearance, he was a man of five feet, 9 inches. His complexion dark with black hair, eyes brown. Married Mary Wallace. As a Young orphan and with little education he traveled from Virginia to Granville NC to join his brother John who was living in NC at the time. In 1762 he married Mary Wallace, most likely in Granville County, NC. (Mary Wallace Caldwell died 1804.) In 1772 James moved his family to the Little River area in Laurens County, SC., employing himself as a farmer, miller and merchant. He must have brought his mother-in-law with him because the mother-in-law to James is buried in the Williams/Nance Graveyard and is reported as died 1790. James served as one of the representatives of SC in the First Provincial Congress in Charleston 1/11/1775. Also, he represented in the Second Provincial Congress 11/1/1775 and 3/26/1776. He was a Justice of the Peace 3/26/1776 - 4/11/1776 and a member of the local Council of Safety. He was a Colonel in the Revolutionary War, promoted to Brigadier General. Petition of James Williams' Little River Regiment Children
  1. Has Children Mary Williams b: 1767 married her first cousin James Atwood Williams who died by May 1818
  2. Has No Children Col. James Williams b: 1769 d. August 13, 1833, Newberry, SC. Married Rebecca Watts. (2nd wife: Rebecca Williams Bullock, his widowed 1st cousin, d/o Col. John Williams of Edgefield, S.C.) Children-Sarah Wallace Williams 1805, Rebecca Bullock Williams 1809
  3. Has No Children Washington Williams b. August 22, 1771 Laurens Co., South Carolina, d. June 24, 1829. Married Sarah Griffin b: 30 Mar 1778 in VA child- Margaret Griffin WILLIAMS b: 13 Mar 1816
  4. Has No Children Daniel Williams b ca 1763 Granville Co., NC Daniel was later hung and disemboweled alongside his brother on 9 Nov 1781 by "Bloody Bill" Cunningham at Haye's Station, South Carolina during the American Revolution. (Source: The Patriots at Kings Mountain, by Bobby Gilmer Moss, Scotia-Hibernia Press, 1990.)
  5. Has No Children Joseph Williams b ca. 1767 Granville Co., NC. He served under his father at the Battle of Kings Mountain in Oct. 1780 and witnessed his death.. Joseph was later hung and disembowed alongside his brother on 9 Nov 1781 by "Bloody Bill" Cunningham at Haye's Station, South Carolina during the American Revolution.
  6. John Williams, b. ca. 1769, d. "poisoned at close of Revolutionary War while away on family business", possibly in Virginia.
  7. Elizabeth Williams, d. ca 1807 Musgrove Mill, Laurens Co., SC. Married James Tinsley. Buried Williams Fam Cem, Laurens Co., South Carolina
  8. Sarah Williams, Married John Griffin abt 1787
7. John Williams b: 4 NOV 1737 in Hanover County, Virginia , son of Daniel Williams and Ursula Henderson, died 15 OCT 1794 in Laurens County, South Carolina. (WILL) John Williams, apparently the older of the two brothers was living in North Carolina, Granville County, when his brother, James, became an orphan. John married twice. His first marriage was to Mary Atwood, daughter of James Atwood of Amelia Co., Va. and a first cousin to the wife of James Caldwell, Mary Elizabeth Forrest. nine children. Children
  1. Has Children Elizabeth Anne Williams b: 28 MAY 1759 married William Thomas Caldwell, son of William and Rebecca Park Walkup Caldwell
  2. Has No Children Joseph Williams
  3. Has Children James Atwood Williams married his cousin Mary Williams d/o James Henderson Williams and Mary Wallace
  4. Has Children Duke Williams married Martha __.
  5. Has No Children Mary Williams married Jacob Young
  6. Has Children Rebecca Williams married 1st John Bullock b ca 1760 Granville,North Carolina and had nine children between 1780 and 1812. His brother was Daniel B. Bullock born on Oct 25 1762. He died on Jun 8 1835 in Edgefield District, married- Jane Sinquefield b: 1 MAY 1769 in South Carolina. They were the sons of John Bullock and Mary Mitchell. John Bullock Sr. died 1799 in Edgefield,South Carolina. Will lists 34 slaves and 962+ acres of land--written 10 Sep 1799. Did patriotic service in American Revolution. He had a sister Agnes Bullock who married a John Williams b ca 1711. After John Bullock Jr. died between 1808 and 30 April 1818, Rebecca married 2nd, 1st cousin, Col. James Williams, Jr., s/o James Henderson Williams and Mary Wallace. Rebecca's nine children were under 21 at that time. The families were very close because Col. James Williams named one of his children Rebecca Bullock Williams, his cousin Rebeca's married name.
THis family is probably related, as they have an Ursula, an unusual name:
1850: America, Barnwell, South Carolina 
John Williams 70 $6000 SC
Mary Williams 50     SC
next door 
Stephen Williams SC
Sarah        50
Cordelia   20
Preston    16
Ursula      14
next door
Richard Williams 30
Nancy 44
Stafford 3
In 1785, around the time that John Williams moved from Laurens County to Edgefield County, he married the second time about 1783 to Anna Maria Gouge- for WILLS. She died about 1802 in Edgefield Co. The marriage occurred most probably in North Carolina, for when John died in 1794, his brother-in-law, Joseph Gouge, was living in North Carolina. Joseph Gouge Williams b: 1786 in South Carolina by this second marriage.

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