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More work on the Abraham Odums / Odums of Edgefield District SC

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there are definitely questions as to which Abraham married Sybill Barnes -the ca 1700 brn or the 1725-and I think it was the earlier one and she did NOT have a child in 1780 as so many people are saying. This has to be wrong. I will continue to work on it.

1790 census Edgefield SC with Jacob Odom at the time of George Washington's visit to Martha Watson, new wife of Jacob Odom, and widow of Capt. Michael Watson and herself born a Watson as well.

This land was situated in the District of Ninety Six on Dry Creek waters of Mine Creek bounding n'ward on James Cox, S'ward. The house was a 2 story log cabin belonging to a revolutionary war widow Martha Watson Odom near her brother Arthur Watson. Martha was born a Watson in Nov 1753 and died Sep 1817 in Ridge Spring, Edgefield Co, SC, but had also married a Watson (Capt Michael Watson). Her parents were John and Ann Murphy Watson

Martha Watson's new husband was Jacob Odum. She lived in her house with her Watson children: Elijah 15, Kesiah / Keziah, Patience, Sarah, Mary with husband Ezekiel Perry, as well as her new baby Nancy Odom. The census shows 2 men over 16 (Jacob Odom and Ezekiel Perry), 1 under 16 (Elijah) and 6 women (Martha, Patience, Mary, Kesiah, Sarah, baby Nancy) and 6 slaves. Gen. Washington was paying his respects and thanking her for her late husband Captain Michael Watson's service and death of wounds received at Deans Swamp (near present day Salley, SC) 5 May 1782. The escorts stayed in nearby homes, as there was not room for everybody to stay here. 

When the family buried her, they failed to mark her grave because the Watson family opposed the marriage, perhaps because she was so wealthy and had inherited 1700 acres thru Michael Watson. or perhaps the high spirited nature of the Odoms was not appealing to the Watsons. Jacob's sister Milly Odum who had married Capt Benjamin Ryan was known to be a woman "of high spirit" (according to Capt. John Ryan his brother) and not against assaulting a man and being fined for it. Milly was very good with money and kept it well locked up and she ended up being murdered in her own home after she re married to Samuel Marsh. Samuel was the only one at home at the time, but had no explanation how Milly could have been murdered.

Martha Watson Odom's marker was placed later in the Watson cemetery at Ridge Spring SC, not mentioning her marriage to Jacob Odom:
"In memory of Martha, a loyal patriot widow of Capt. Michael Watson of Revolutionary Fame."

Court record:
Name of complainer. Odum, Martha etal
Name of complained against. Watson, Arthur etal (her brother)

Box number 68, pack number 3468, year 1804.
Abstract of contents.
Martha widow and admin of James Odum of Edgefield, dec. Formerly the widow of Michael Watson of Edgefield. Orators inc: James’ only son, Elijah Watson with Ezekiel Perry and Mary Perry. William Anderson and Patience, James Perry and Sally, Robert Willis and Kesiah. 4 dtrs - named in Michael Watson’s will (dt. May 6, 1782), 300 acres to widow. Cloud’s Creek goes to Ezekien bound by Warner?, Cusack Allen. 550 acres. Arthur Watson, Robert Stark (written Clark?) execs. Problems. 8 tracts of land in Edgefield and Orangeburgh. 1700 acres. Jacob Reed, Ephriam Ramsy. Inventory. Thomas Cunningham 1795. Sales Names inc Henry Pendleton, Richard Johnson, John Whitsell, Nicholas Eveliegh, John Body, many others. WILL: Michael Watson. Wit: Robert Stark, William Withers, Richman Watson. accts: Many names.

Children  of Richard Odom
Abraham Odom b: 1680 in , , Dublin, Ireland
Anne Odom b: 1682
John Odom b: 1684
Jacob Odom b: 1685 in SC
Elizabeth Odom b: 1686
Aaron Odom b: 1687 in , Edgecombe, North Carolina
Jane Odom b: 1688
Marriage 2 Spouse Unknown
Children  Richard Odom b: 1665

Richard Odom died only a few years before his son 
Born: 1644 Upper Parish, Nansemond, Virginia)
Died: 12 Aug 1727 Chowan, North Carolina

2nd generation after Richard Odum
Jacob Odom
Born: 1685 Nansemond, Virginia
Died: 1735 Bertie, North Carolina
Spouse Susanah
3rd generation
Sarah Odom   1707
Richard Odom   1708
Thomas Odom   1709
Abraham J. Odom Sr   abt 1695-1705 in Granville, South Carolina died 1760 in Edgefield SC married Sybill Barnes Married: 1717 in Chowan, North Carolina
     children of Abraham in
      4th generation-
     Sibbell Odom b: 1718 in Chowan, North Carolina
     Abraham Jr Odom b: 1725   marrried ?
     David Odom b: 1727  
     Dempsey Odom b: 1731 in Gates, Gates, North Carolina,
     Jacob Odom b: 1733   Jacob Odom and Martha Watson had a child named Nancy who married a Craven (according to Edgefield Co Court records). Jacob had other brothers and sisters according to court records.
    Alice Alcey Choctaw Odom b: 1740 in South Carolina, USA

May 14, 1748 Wts: Richard Cheek, John Good, Abra. J. Odom

Old Albemarle And Its Absentee Landlords P 641
"The Vanns, Rogers, and Langston's according to old records lived near SARAM CHAPEL, an old landmark in what is now Gates County, which was at the head of SARAM CREEK in the BENNETT'S CREEK section. There were two Indian towns not far from this same settlement. One of these was near the mouth of Meherrin River which was occupied by the Meherrin Indians. In fact, Indians were all around them at that period and it was much later when the Indian lands were laid out lower down on the Morratuck or Roanoke, in the bounds of present Bertie County NC. Among the neighborhood of these families were the Ross family, the Odums, the Hayes, the Barnes, Jones & Williams, as well as the Alstons and the Daniels, with whom they were intimate and with which they probably intermarried then and later."

A deed recorded in Craven County, South Carolina, on December 23, 1760 shows William Hunter “of Northampton County, NC” purchasing 350 acres for 500 pounds from the estate of Robert Rogers (7) and in 1760, another deed shows a purchase of 2 plantations in South Carolina, one for 200 acres, and another for 150 acres, for 665 pounds, from Abraham and Sibby Odum of Craven County, SC (8). Both deeds were witnessed by a William Hunter, Jr., and the second by Henry Hunter. All three tracts were described as being on the south side of the Wateree River, bounded by the river on the north and east sides. This land was probably on the eastern boundary of Richland County, or near Camden in Kershaw Co Sebielia "Sibby" Barnes.

Deed Abstract 1719-1772, Vol. IV, 1767-1773, Books 1-3-E-4, page 108 lists Snodin Kirkland, planter, selling land to Abraham Odom, Jr., planter, both of Granville County, 300 acres in St. Peters Parish, bounding NW on Snodin Kirkland & vacant land on 24 Jan., 1770. His wife Sibbell (no last name) was witness with him. 

Abraham Odom Sr. 1695-1705 Death: Feb 1771 in Edgefield Co, SC Will proved 6 Apr 1771, at Pipe Creek. Abraham, Sr., Odom, born about 1705, probably in Chowan NC . From: Floyd H. Lawon, Nov 1998.
Will proven April 6, 1771. He mentions his plantation on Pipe Creek in Granville Co, and the tract of land on the Savannah River (Edgefield), formerly owned boy Dennis McClendon and McClendon bought from Mr. LeLoatch. Abram Odom Sr. was granted land March 23, 1755. His will was proved 6 Apr . 1771. He died in Granville Co, S C . The "History of Richland Co, SC" shows how early settlers moved up the west bank of the Wateree. Fought the Cherokee Indians. Were among the original grantees whose grants formed part of this plantation were....Abraham Odom...23 Mar 1755. Chowan Co Precinct, NC, Conveyances: W 1:240=10 Oct 1734 Abraham Odam, of Chowan to Henry Dillday, for 63 pounds, a carcel of wodland ground bequested to Abvraham in Last Will and Testament of Richard Odiam (Brother), dated 10th day---1728. W 1:289-10 July 1735 Abraham Oduim to William Walthers and his wife, Sarah, for 30 barrels tar, 100 acres woodland graound near the main road between Baraham Odium and one Edward Daughte. W 1: 270= Nove 1735....another 290 acres....for 96 barels of Merchantable Tar. CB C"196 Abrahm Odam of Chowan Co, to Walter Brown, for 10 pounds, 100 acres on south. Note (It appears that this Abraham was selling off land in preparation for moving. We find him next in South Carolina. Tar must have been easy to sell and profit from at the the time and place. There was a Tarr River in Edgecomb County NC.

1732 Chowan Court. Edward Dowdy of Nansemond Virginia sold to Abraham Odom 320 acres joining land of William Waters and John Hambleton.

deed 1735 from Abraham ODAM or ODUM, James BARNES and Edward VAnn witnesses

Abraham Odom and his wife Sebell of Edgecomb Co. deed to John Sumner of Chowan Co. 12 January 1746. Witnessed by Gregory Stallings, William Sumner, Joseph Sumner (Deed Bk. 3, p. 61, Hoffman, p. 79).

Indenture found In Book W. W., pp. 250 – 255: Abraham Odam and wife to William Hunter, dated 6 March, 1760, states that Abraham Odom and wife, Sibby, of Craven Co. in consideration of the sum of 565 pounds do sell two plantations - - - on south side of Wateree River, to William Hunter, of Northampton Co., Province of North Carolina.

"The wife of Snowden (Kirkland), Sybil, may have been the daughter of Abraham Odom who's family and immigration pattern follows closely to the Kirklands. Richard Odom, Abraham's father, owned land in Nansemond Co., Virginia and moved by 1715 to Chowan Co., North Carolina. This region eventually becomes part of Edgecombe and Granville Counties in which the Kirklands are documented to have lived. Abraham Odom submitted three petitions for land on the Wateree River in South Carolina on 18 Dec. 1754 on which the Kirklands had filed claims. Both Abraham's wife and a daughter were named Sybil. They started to sell their land on the Wateree River on the 6th March of 1760 and moved to Georgia by 1764. They seemed to have moved back to South Carolina with at least two purchases on the waters of the Savannah River in 1767. These are the same regions in which Robert and Snowden Kirkland had tracts of land. Snowden's property was adjacent to Abraham Odom on Pipes Creek in South Carolina. The circumstantial continuous relationship from Virginia days is very strong and indicates for Peacock and a few other researchers the probability of a marital relationship between Abraham Odom and Snowden Kirkland. No marriage record, probate record, or church record has verified this conclusion." [Peacock 101-103]

will of Jan 30, 1771, which was witnessed by Parker Carradine. lists his daughters, Mary Carradine, Sarah Rook and Nancy Lalothe.

Colony of South Carolina Compiled by: Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Records of 1716 to 1783 Internet:
L Name F Name Date Co. St Type Township
--------------- -------------- ---- -------- -- ---------------- ------------------
ODAM , Hezekiah 1779 Colony, South Carolina Resident Old 96th DISTRICT also 1790 census
Odom , Abraham 1779 Colony, South Carolina Resident Old 96th DISTRICT
Odom , Jacob 1779 Colony, South Carolina Resident Old 96th DISTRICT 1790 census
Will dated 13 Mar. 1771 Charleston, South Carolina, proved 6 April 1771, Granville Co., South Carolina. Will does not mention a wife, but states "each son and each daughter is to have the slaves already in their possession".

"The History of Richland Co., South Carolina" shows how "early settlers moved up the west bank of the Watersee, 1742 . . . fought the Cherokee Indians . . . among the original grantees whose grants formed a part of this plantation were . . . Abraham Odam (March 23, 1755)."
He had land of Pipe Creek in Granville Co. Believed to have come to Cheraws Dist., South Carolina, from eastern North Carolina.
There is a South Carolina deed abstract, 1764, Abraham Odam formerly of Craven Co., South Carolina, now of Georgia sells land. Unknown which Abraham this might have been.
Information on Abraham's ancestors comes from a book, "The Wise Family of Louisiana and the related families of Hunt, Collins, Odom, Zachary, Sweat," by Erbon W. Wise, 1961

2nd generation after Jacob:
In his will in what became Edgefield District Abraham / Abram J. Odom Sr.
 mentions his plantation on Pipe Creek in Granville Co, and the tract of land on the Savannah River, formerly owned by Dennis McClendon and McClendon bought from Mr. DeLoatch. Abran Odom, Sr, was granted land 23 Mar 1755
Jen J:
Marriage: abt 1724
Abram b 1725 in Barnwell, South Carolina
Dempsey b abt 1731
(1800 census of Barnwell Co., South Carolina. On page 58B William Odom and DEMPSY Odom.) [59A] the No 15 on that page is DAVID Odom
Jacob 1733
David b 1750? in Marlboro, South Carolina died 1800 in Natches District, Pickering Co., Mississippi
Mary abt 1745 married 2nd Parker Carridine who was involved in the West Florida rebellion against the Spanish and was arrested and taken to New Orleans.
Mary went to Mississippi with her 2nd husband Parker Carridine and her 3 sons, John, Joshua and William Collins. Also along was her brother, David Odam. In "Natchez Postscriptins 1781-1798" by Carol Wells, it says that Mary Carradine petitioned Don Carlos De Grand Pre on March 5, 1781, saying she was a widow with 3 children when she married Parker Carradine. She says she had 3 negroes and much property belonging to her 3 children, and that she now has 8 children, is expecting her 9th and is destitute of property and without substance.)
Sarah abt 1740 m. Rooks?
Nancy 1742 m. De Loatch?

1779 Old 96th
Page Num. 56, Colony of South Carolina County: Ninety-Sixth District
Database: SC Early Census Index
O350 ODOM, Abraham in 1779 Old 96th D SC (Edgefield) No Twp. Listed 1725Barnwell Member of the First Council of Safety of the Revolutionary Party Of SC and was on the jury list of old 96th Districy, SC for 1778-79 -died 1787 Abram Odom is shown as being at the Battle of Cowpens, SC, on 17 Jan 1781
O350 ODOM, Jacob in 1779 Old 96th D SC No Twp. Listed
His wife Martha had married Michael Watson 
b: 10 APR 1726 son of WILLIAM WATSON and PENELOPE NEVILLEthen Jacob Odom married widow Martha Watson dau of John Elijah Watson and Ann Blair Murphy (Will recorded in Probate Judge's Office at Edgefield, SC in Book A, Page 29 and was made the 4th of April, 1788.m. July 10, 1740 Isle of Wright County, VA. Both Mary and Martha had married Odums before this date. Wife: Ann  Sons: Arthur Watson, Willis Murphy Watson, Jacob Watson, William Watson, John Watson  Daus: Charity Anderson, Ceale Watson, Mary Odom, Martha Odom, Lucretia Jones

The children of John Elijah and Ann Murphy Watson m. 7 JUL 1740 were:

2. i. ARTHUR2 WATSON, b. 1745; d. 1806.
ii. JACOB WATSON, b. 1747. born in Edgefield District, SC, died in TN
iii. WILLIAM WATSON, b. 1749.
iv. JOHN WATSON, b. 1741.
v. CHARITY WATSON, b. 1751. m. John ANDERSON
vi. WILLIS MURPHY WATSON, b. April 04, 1743.
vii. LUCRETIA WATSON, b. 1755. m. Jones
viii. MARY WATSON, b. 1756 married William ODOM / Odum
3. ix. MARTHA WATSON, b. November 1753; d. September 1817, Ridge Spring, Edgefield Co., SC Will recorded in Edgefield County, SC in Book B, Page 397. It was probated November 4, 1817. m. Michael WATSON and Jacob ODOM

In the Journal of North Carolina Geneological Society, Vol IX, #3, P 136, Jacob Odom received from Captain Nathan Harrells Company, 100 acres in Hertford, (final payment), Aug 1783. Aabram Odom received 100 acres in Bladen Co, NC, "in the Dreams of Sholeel being the place where Truman Fry lives, beginning at pine...John Odom received 2200 acres on 22 Oct 1753, Bladen Co, "on Hog Swamp, the place he now lives." This just may be the Abram Odom (1725) whose daughter married Peter Ingle, and whose other daughter married John Manasco, of Walker Co. 18 Jul 1767, 250 acres deeded to Abraham Odom Jr, St. Matthews Parish, SC. Signed by Abraham Odom Sr for Abram Odom Jr, from Jasper Library, courtesy of John R. Manasco, Cordova AL.

George Odom, Thomas Odom, and Abram Odom left wills in Barnwell Co, SC. Abram Odom Jr is believed to be the same Abram who was listed in the Will of Abram Odom Sr.

Abram Odom was listed in the History of Ellis Co, TX and the TN Geneological Society magazine, "Ansearchen News," Jul-Sept 1968 Edition, page 124, "Jacob O. Ingle," along with Paul (Paulser) Ingle, as being at the battle of Cowpens Jan 17, 1781. JJ Boyd says that Abram Odom was in the 5th SC Regiment during the Revolutionary War.

This person decided she couldnt tell which was which- I am not sure either, so it just says Odum-
1 Abraham ODUM Jr
..... 2 Sealy ODUM d: Bef. 1817
......... +HOLLAND
............ 3 Priscilla HOLLAND
................ +NEWMAN
..... 2 Milly ODUM d: 1816
......... +1st husband Capt Benjamin RYAN b: Jul 21, 1745 d: Nov 11, 1813 Father: Benjamin RYAN Sr Mother: MARY
..... *2nd Husband of Milly ODUM:
......... +Samuel MARSH m: 1815 who then married widow Martha Blocker
*... 2 Willis ODUM
..... 2 Jane ODUM
..... 2 Abraham ODUM d: Bef. 1817
............ 3 Abraham ODUM
............ 3 Nancy ODUM
............ 3 Vicey ODUM
............ 3 Milly ODUM
............ 3 Lewis ODUM
............ 3 Jancy ODUM
............ 3 Sally ODUM
............ 3 Benjamin ODUM
..... 2 Jacob ODUM d: Bef. 1817
............ 3 Nancy ODUM
..... 2 Lewis ODUM d: Bef. 1817
............ 3 Sealy ODUM
..... 2 Mary ODUM d: Bef. 1817
......... +Sampson WILLIAMS
............ 3 Theophilus WILLIAMS
............ 3 Jane WILLIAMS
............ 3 Patty WILLIAMS
..... 2 Michael ODUM d: Bef. 1813

"I have a Willis Anderson Owdum who connects to my Dean ancestor - not the 
direct line, but thru a different son":

Descendants of Willis Anderson Owdom
1 Willis Anderson OWDOM b: Nov 1826 in Edgefield Co, SC d: May 01, 1903 
Burial: Dean Family Cemetery, Edgefield Co, SC
.. +Nancy Caroline DEAN b: Jan 01, 1828 in Edgefield Co, SC m: Aug 16, 1849 
in Edgefield Co., SC d: Mar 12, 1902 Burial: Dean Family Cemetery, Edgefield 
Co, SC Father: Bryant 'Bryan' DEAN Mother: Teresa "Trecy" HILL [Bryant 
Dean's father is my 4-g-grand]
..... 2 William Watson OWDOM b: Abt. 1851
......... +EMMA b: Abt. 1861
............ 3 Lizzie OWDOM b: Abt. 1879
..... 2 James Benson ODUM b: Abt. 1853 in SC
......... +Sallie G. b: in SC
............ 3 Earnest OWDUM b: Apr 16, 1884 d: Jul 19, 1885 Burial: Dean 
Family Cemetery, Edgefield Co, SC
..... 2 Theophilius A. 'Orphie' OWDON/ODOM b: Abt. 1858 in SC
......... +Carrie E. b: Abt. 1862 in SC
............ 3 Clifford W. ODOM b: Sep 1879
..... 2 Eller J. OWDOM b: Aug 12, 1860 d: Aug 29, 1864 Burial: Dean Family 
Cemetery, Edgefield Co, SC

All children of Abram/Abraham Odom/Odum 1705 in Chowan County NC:
1. Jacob Odum 17-- 1st married unknown 2nd in ca 1785 widow Martha Watson b: Nov 1753 Edgefield had child Nancy 1780 who m. a Craven. Martha Odom (widow) is over 45 in 1810 census.
2. Abraham Odom Jr. b after 1725  Barnwell SC of Edgefield died 1812 Shown to be at the battle of Cowpens, SC 17 JAN 1781 married Sebielia "Sibby" Barnes  b ? died 1779?
From Floyd H. Lawson, November 1998:
1) Abraham Odom 
2) Ann "Nancy" Odom
3) Amelia Odom  named after his sister Emelia / Amelia "Milly" Odom
4) Jacob Odom 1771–d. 1845 in Jackson, Mississippi
5) Lewis Odom
6) Jane "Jancy" Odom b ca 1778 Died:16 Dec 1816 Pinson, Jefferson, Alabama She is believed to be buried near the Peter Ingle Spring, where Peter Ingle built a home and lived before he departed for Blackwater Creek, now Winston Co, AL, near where the Ingle-Wakefield Cem, in 1826. FHL Marriage Peter INGLE b: ABT. 1761 in Germany
  • Married: ABT. 1804 in Franklin County, Georgia
  1. Has Children William Henry INGLE b: 1805 in Franklin County, Georgia
  2. Has No Children George Washington INGLE b: 1807
  3. Has No Children Sarah C. INGLE b: 1809
  4. Has No Children Elizabeth INGLE b: 1812
  5. Has No Children Peter Jack INGLE b: 24 Oct 1813
  6. Has No Children Jacob Odom INGLE b: 21 Feb 1816
  7. Has No Children Andrew Jackson INGLE b: 1820
7) Sarah "Sally" Odom
8) Elizabeth Lovica Odom  "Vicey" b: 20 JUN 1780 moved to Franklin Cty GA with Dr John Manasco and then to Walker Co AL
9) Benjamin Odom Sr "Major" : born 6 Dec 1758 died 11 Dec 1822 in Barnwell, South Carolina -moved to Morgan Co GA b ca 1744? died 1801 He furnished supplies to the Military in the Revolution. Barnwell, originally called “Red Hill” and later “the Village,” was founded in 1800 when a courthouse was built on land donated by a Benjamin Odom. Both Winton County and its new county seat were renamed for John Barnwell (1748-1800), a S.C. militia officer in the Revolution and afterwards. Barnwell was incorporated in 1829 with the town limits extending ¾ mi. from the courthouse. See Benjamin Odom info at bottom of blog.

3. Amelia / Emilia "Milly" Odom b 1752? murdered May 1816 m. 1st Capt. Benjamin Ryan of Horns Creek who died 11 November 1813.
Benjamin's brother Lt. Lacon Ryan b. 6 JAN 1747/48 had died. Benjamin's brother Capt. John Ryan and wife Martha moved to Walton Co GA. John's brother Lacon Ryan's orphans were Benjamin Ryan Jr of Morgan Co GA and daughter Sarah Ryan Moore Gallmann/Coleman who both became the heirs of Capt Ben Ryan..
4. Lewis Odom 1758 left Edgefield Co and is believed to be dead
Celia Odom m. Boatright lived in Marlborough Dist. -child Sarah Beasley?
Lewis Odom 1802 in South Carolina thought to be dead by 1819 but in 1850 Liberty, Henry, Indiana Death: 10 JUL 1860 in Indiana
5. Willis Odom 1759
6. Martha Odom 1761 m. Williams child Martha Williams
7. Sealy or Celia Odum 1763 married Holland both dead by 1817 child Priscilla married Richard Newman
8. Michael Odum 1765 Malichi? died early leaving no legitimate children (Illegitimate children not named)
9. Jane Odum b.
10. Mary Odom b. 1757 married Sampson Williams who is in the 1790 census in Edgefield. His father was Roland Williams Sr. over age 46 in 1800 Barnwell Co SC and with John Rowland in 1800 Edgefield SC After Williams died she lived with a man named Parish but he left her, no children.
Mary Williams 1810 Richland SC over 46 with a daughter and a granddaughter
children by Williams:
    1) Theophilus Williams b 6 Dec 1777 died 1835 in Orangeburg SC, married Lydia b. 13 May 1783, first child was Sampson Williams born 27 Jan 1801 in Lexington SC
Residence: 1820 - Lexington, Lexington, South Carolina
Residence: 1830 - Orangeburg, South Carolina
Theophs Williams 1810 - Richland, SC under 46, 4 boys and 2 girls
    2) Martha "Patty" Williams
    3) Jane Williams m. Joseph Huddleston
Theophilis children:
Marriage 1 Lydia Baggott b: 13 MAY 1783 in South Carolina Children
  1. Has No Children Sampson WILLIAMS b: 21 JAN 1801 in South Carolina
  2. Has No Children Mary WILLIAMS b: 28 NOV 1802 in South Carolina
  3. Has No Children John WILLIAMS b: 12 SEP 1804 in South Carolina
  4. Has No Children Jincy WILLIAMS b: 3 FEB 1806 in South Carolina
  5. Has No Children Julius WILLIAMS b: 11 FEB 1810 in South Carolina
  6. Has No Children Roland WILLIAMS b: 27 JAN 1812 in South Carolina
  7. Has No Children Isaiah WILLIAMS b: 25 JAN 1813 in South Carolina
  8. Has No Children Theophilis WILLIAMS b: 15 DEC 1813 in South Carolina
  9. Has Children Hiram WILLIAMS b: 17 OCT 1815 in Aiken County, SC
  10. Has No Children Nancy WILLIAMS b: 4 JUN 1818
  11. Has No Children Elender WILLIAMS b: 8 SEP 1820
  12. Has No Children Emeory WILLIAMS b: 24 APR 1824

Unproven Odoms from Edgefield SC
Haliatia Odom1760–
Elkanah Odom1765–Died: 1840 Coweta, Georgia
Bethany Odom1765–William Hawthorne drew land in GA and married Bethany Odom
Dilditha Odom
1810 Edgefield, SC
1820 Early GA 
Dildatha Odan
1830 Early GA 
Dldatha Odom
1 Jun 1840 - District 510, Early, Georgia Dildatha Odum
Elias Odom Edgefield, SC 1810
William Odom Edgefield, SC 1810
Willy Odom Edgefield, SC 1810
Wm Odom Edgefield, SC 1810


Milly Odom
 (Amelia or Emelia), daughter of Sibby Barnes and Abraham Odom Jr of Barnwell who fought at the battle of Cowpens, was said to be a woman of high spirit. She was ordered to pay damages for assulting a man- her husband Capt. Banjamin Ryan had to pay it. I imagine she got used to fending for her self during the War years. When she married Samuel Marsh she made a prenuptial agreement which prevented him from her assets thru her deceased husband Ryan since the estate was to go to the Ryan neices and nephews. She kept a large amount of English pounds locked up in a special chest which was locked up in a special room. She refused her new husband any of the money to give to his children. She was then murdered within a year of marrying Sam Marsh. It may have been an intruder who knew about her money but considering mr Marsh's divious behavior while she lay on the floor, it is supected that he did it out of greed. No one could prove it. Sam Marsh got hold of the keys in her pocket after the doctor finished examining her and took the pre marital agreement and money. He then tried to use the Benjamin Ryan estate for himself without relinquishing it to the nephew and niece of Benjamin Ryan (children of his brother Lacon) to whom the estate was supposed to go after her death. John Ryan, administrator, had to take Samuel Marsh to court.Samuel then married another widow Martha Blocker who was of good family and got out of town with her and her goods, so he must have been a real charmer.
The Ryan family

1790 census Ben, Snr Ryons Edgefield, SC

Benjamin Ryan b. 1718 d. Dec 16, 1793, Edgefield Co., S.C. married Mary b. March 25, 1708, D. Oct 27, 1799.
Their children:
1) Capt. John Ryan b. Oct 30, 1743, died Oct 1, 1827; wife Martha. Will extract.
John Ryan of Edgefield Dist and state aforesaid, being of sound mind...
To my nephew Benjamin Ryan, a slave.
To John Ryan Reid son of ___ (Doc't) R. Reid a sum of $2000.
Lacon Ryan, son of my nephew Benj.
John S. Jeter the sum of $500
John E. Ryan, son of my nephew Benj. The plantation THEREON I now live plus more to equal 800 acres. He also gave him a large number of slaves
Elizabeth Berryman Ryan, wife of Lacon Ryan
Sally Gallman, my neice, the wife of Benjamin Gallman - 1000 acres granted to him by his Exceleency Thos Pinkney, March 1788, plus a list of negroes
He gives bequeaths to several free persons of color.
To my grand-nephews: John E. Ryan, Pickens E. Ryan, Benjamin Jabiz Ryan, Stanmore B Ryan, William G. Gallman
To grand-neice - Peggy C. Smith, wife of __ Smith, Mary E. Tilliman (sic), Wife of Benjamin Tilliman (sic), Elizabeth S. Mosley, wife of Mr. Mosley, Susan H. W. F.R.A.F.V. Gallman, Lucretia Burr Gallman, Edney F. Gallman, Rachael H. Gallman, Priscilla H. Gallman, and American Gallman (the land given to the women was given free of any claim by a present or future husband.)
Executors are to provide for Gilderoy for his fidelity and attachment to me.
John Ryan is security to a bond given on the 4th of June, 1817 by Benj. Gallamn
to the Commisioner in Equity the guardian for Mary E. Moore, Rachel Gallman,
William G. Galman, Elizabeth S. Gallman, Priscilla H. G, Susannah H. G. and
:Lucretia B. Gallman, he makes provisions for their security.
/w/March 13, 1827
filed 17th day of Oct, 1837

2) Capt. Benjamin Ryan b. July 21, 1743, died Nov. 11, 1813 (no children) wife Emelia "Milly" Odom;
3) Lt. Lake "Lacon" Ryan b. June 6, 1748 died Nov. 4, 1785.  wife Margaret  14 Aug 1784. Will of Lacon Ryan, Abbeville Will Box 79 Pack 1942. Exrs: brothers John and Benjamin Ryan, Arthur Simkins. Witn: Saml Walker, Conrad Gallman, Robt Bartlett. Wife Margaret Ryan [later married Wm. Harden]. Children: Benjamin, Sarah [Sarah/Sally Jane married George B. Moore; he died in 1806, then she married Benjamin Gallman, son of Gasper and Jemima Gallman, Ben Gallman buried in garden of home 7 miles S. of Edgefield, SC ]. Father Benjamin Ryan, Sr. Bequests to Peter Hilliard, 2 children Nancy and William Hilliard. Inventory 8 Feb 1786 by Isaac Foreman, Samuel Walker, Conrad Gallman. Abstracts of 96 District and Abbeville Wills and Bonds. Lake Ryan fathered 1. Benjamin Ryan Jr named after his uncle and grandfather and 2. Sarah Ryan who married 1st George Moore and 2nd Benjamin Gallman. These two children were to inherit the Capt Benjamin Ryan Sr estate from his widow Emelia "Milly" Odom after her death.
WALKER Samuel 29 September 1785 SC Rev War Record Gentlemen: Please deliver my indent to the bearer Lacon Ryan who I hereby impower to receive the same ---------------------to give you a discharge from --------------. Signed: Samuel WALKER. Signed before John Ryan , JP SC AA 8140 SC Archives Lacon Ryan signed stub indent U91 for Samuel Walker's indent. rev
Milly married 2nd 1815 to. Samuel G. Marsh b 1769 in Chatham Co., NC, died 1839 MS, buried in Edgefield SC. Milly was shot 29th May 1816, after which a suit was immediately filed by the Ryan and Gallman families to obtain the estate willed to them at Benjamin Ryan's death should his wife Milly die. As she lay on the floor, Samuel Marsh took 2 keys from her pocket and went to her desk and removed at least 500 dollars and papers including a pre marital contract which he destroyed which excluded him from access to Ryan property. Mother Sarah? His brother was William Marsh. Samuel Marsh married another widow after Milly. He married Martha Blocker, widow of Michael BLOCKER, the son of John BLOCKER, and a brother to Gen. Jesse BLOCKER. He was a grandson of Michael BLOCKER and Anna.
McClendon, Carlee T. (1977) EDGEFIELD DEATH NOTICES AND CEMETERY RECORDS. SCL 929.3 R13e Have the obit of The Reverend Samuel Marsh, Jr., who was "born in 1763 in North Carolina and moved with his family to Edgefield in 1764. 
Ryan House in Barnwell
Capt. Benjamin Ryan Sr (and Jr) were neighbors to Samuel and William Marsh in Edgefield.
Sarah Ryan (his niece by brother Lake Ryan) married 1st George B. Moore b: 23 OCT 1780 in Edgefield Co., SC (son of Francis Moore and Frances Foote m. 2 APR 1764 in Fauquier, Co., Virginia Colony who lived in Laurens Dist. before moving to Edgefield) and 2nd Benjamin Coleman / Gallman/Galtman/ Goldman Married: 17 JUN 1806 in Hancock Co., GA
The History of Hancock County, Georgia by Elizabeth Wiley Smith (assisted by Sara S Carnes)
1. History, Heritage and Records
Wilkes Publishing Company, Inc. Washington, Georgia 30673 January 1974
Page 180 marriage:
Galtman, Benjamin to Sarah Moore, June 17, 1806 by Allen Bas s, J.P.  (Gallman)
(Sarah Moore is Sarah Jane Ryan b 4 August 1780 who had married George Moore, slave trader)
Sarah Ryan the neice of Captain Benjamine Ryan Sr.. She and and her brother Benjamin Ryan Jr. (his nephew) were to get the entire estate at Milly Odom Ryan's death. There were some complications when she married Sam Marsh who appears to have been a scoundrel who married widows for money- who else had shot the smoking gun in his house? 
children of Benjamin Ryan Jr. b  26 June 1772 d 29 July 1829 (son of Lacon Ryan and nephew of John Ryan) who was to inherit half the Milly Odom estate, married Frances who remarried to William Harden:
1) Lacon Ryan named after Benjamin's father, b: January 20, 1794 d: March 16, 1840  Burial: Ryan Family Cem., Edgefield Co, SC, married Elizabeth "Betty" Berryman, b: Abt. 1803 d: April 19, 1846 Burial: Ryan Family Cem., Edgefield Co, SC  Eliza Lacon Ryan 10-year-old daughter of Lacon and Elizabeth Ryan died of scarlet fever on April 27, 1846 at her mother's home in Edgefield District. Edgefield Advertiser 6/24/1846
McClendon, Carlee T. (1977) EDGEFIELD DEATH NOTICES AND CEMETERY RECORDS. SCL 929.3 R13e Have the Obit of Lacon Ryan d. Mar 15, 1840 
Edgefield Deed Book 7 pp 144-148. Lewis Clark to Samuel Walker. Land on Rogers Creek of Horn's Creek by Lacon Ryan, Samuel Walker, Daniel Marshall. Originally granted to Daniel Marshal
16 Mar 1830. Deed Book 44?, p. 256. Describes land of Lacon and Betwey Ryan on Horn's Creek.
2) John Elder Francis Ryan, b 18 Sept 1795 died 1900 named after his uncle, married his cousin 13 July 1828 Rachel Harding Gallman who died less than a year later 23 May 1839 having baby Benjamin Ryan who married Larissa Holston. Did he move to  Columbia Co GA by 1850? and marry Sarah?
3) Benjamin Jabez Ryan b 1798-1806 named after his uncle, hotel keeper owned the Edgefield Hotel,married 2nd Frances A. Doby b: abt 1825 in SC Married: 24 FEB 1841 in Edgefield, SC  Children Susan Cornelia Ryan b: abt 1842 in SC married William Blackwell, Adella Ryan b: abt 1843 in SC  William P. Ryan b: abt 1845 in SC Elbert Lacon Ryan b: 4 JUL 1847 in SC married Catherine Cornelia Swearingen, Emily B. J. Ryan b: abt 1850 in SC Alma V. Ryan b: abt 1858 in SC
4) Margaret "Peggy"C. Ryan married a Smith
5) Sampson Ryan 1813 
6) Stanmore Butler Ryan 1802 died 1847 married Susan Gallman children Stanmore B. 1834 died age 12,  Sarah 1836, Susan 1837, Edney 1838 m. William Jordan- brick mason, Joseph 1839 remained single- brick mason, America 1842 remained single, Lucretia 1843 remained single, Mary 1845 remained single woked in a cotton mill, Benjamin G. 1847 died May 25, 1848 age 8 months  
1880 census Langley, Aiken, SC
Susan Ryan67
Edny Jordan42
Wm. Jordan45
Wm. C. Jordan22
Lilly Jordan13
Alnia Jordan7
Joseph Ryan40
America Ryan39
Loucrecia Ryan37
Mary Ryan38
Leantine Ryan13
7) Pickens B. E.Ryan 1813 m Rebecca b 1807  had
  Benjamin G. Ryan (____ - 1862)*
  Jabez B. Ryan (1841 - 1862)*
8) William C. Ryan

Son of Pickens Butler Ryan and wife Rebecca is is Jabez B. Ryan  b. 1841 d. Jan. 30, 1862 at Willow Brook Cemetery and Benjamin G. Ryan who died also 1862 in the Civil War
There were other Stanmore B. Ryans in the family.

two more- not sure whose children these are yet-
John Ryan - born 11 Feb 1828,
Stanmore B Ryan b ca 1831 he attended school in Litchfield Conn., later returned to SC and was a bachelor in the 1850 census worth $6000 and lived in Wise, Edgefield Co SC, married 26 Feb 1856 to Unity G. Swearingen born Oct 1834, Captured while serving with 5th SC Cavalry Regiment CSA; 19 Feb 1865 Columbia, South Carolina Children were Pierce F Ryan b: January 1858 in South Carolina (m. Nancy Garlington Phinney who had at least 8 children) and Walter Hill Ryan b: 30 Nov 1872 in South Carolina (m. Annie Rich) Burial info-
RYAN, Stanmore Butler: 17/A, 5/D–PVT, Edgefield Dist. b. Jun 1833. 5' 11" tall, dark complexion, dark hair, blue eyes, occupation: planter. Enlisted at Charleston, SC, 26 Feb 1862, age 30. WIA (head, slightly) at Trevilian Station, VA, 12 Jun 1864. Capt. at Killian's Mill near Columbia, SC, 19 Feb 1865. Sent to Hart Island, NY, and released, 16 Jun 1865. Post-war, farmer in Edgefield Co., SC. Living in 1900. m. Unity G. SWEARINGEN, 26 Feb 1856.
1880 census

Stanmore Ryan50
Unity Ryan49
Walter Ryan

Ryan, B. E. was an Edgefield District SC Vols., ‘‘Old ‘96 Boy’’ of the Mexican War, Edgefield Advertiser 7/1/1846, p1
Ryan, B. J. was advertised for Sheriff Sale house and lot in Edgefield Village containing a half-acre more or less bound by the public square, a lot of John L Doby and others and another lot in the Village containing 5 acres to settle suit, Edgefield Advertiser 5/19/1847, p3; advertised he was the owner of the Edgefield Hotel and he had the Hotel thoroughly repaired and made a large edition by the purchase of the adjoining property which will enable him to accommodate at least 40 or 50 more people during Court and other times. He moved his BAR to the farthest end of the house adjoining where little or no annoyance can be experienced by those who put up at his Hotel. The BAR will be furnished with the best liquors and his stables supplied with good and wholesome provender and attentive Hostlers. Edgefield Advertiser 4/1/1846, p4; advertised for Sheriff Sale on June 24 and June 25 household and kitchen furniture, beds and furniture, bed clothing, chairs, tables, crockery, glassware, cooking utensils, etc. to settle suit. Edgefield Advertiser 6/9/1847, p3; was advertised for Sheriff Sale to settle suit a house and lot in the Village of Edgefield used as a Hotel containing a half-acre wireless and also another lot containing 5 acres along with various articles of household and kitchen furniture. Edgefield Advertiser 7/14/1847, p3; he warned all persons against trading for three notes which are all due. Edgefield Advertiser 1/26/1848, p3
Ryan, Benjamin G. eight-month-old son of S. B. and Susan A. Ryan died on May 25, 1848. Edgefield Advertiser 6/7/1848, p3
Ryan, Eliza Lacon 10-year-old daughter of Lacon and Elizabeth Ryan died of scarlet fever on April 27, 1846 at her mother's home in Edgefield District. Edgefield Advertiser 6/24/1846, p3
Ryan, James of the Brig. Somers died at sea during a gale, Edgefield Advertiser 1/6/1847, p2
Ryan, Joshua was an Edgefield District SC Vols., ‘‘Old ‘96 Boy’’ of the Mexican War, Edgefield Advertiser 7/1/1846, p1
Ryan, Pickens was an Edgefield District SC Vols., ‘‘Old ‘96 Boy’’ of the Mexican War, Edgefield Advertiser 7/1/1846, p1
Ryan, Stanmore B. 12 years old oldest son of S. B. and Susan A. Ryan died June 24, 1846 after a few days of painful illness. Edgefield Advertiser 7/8/1846, p3
Ryan, Stanmore B. 45 years old died at his home in Edgefield District on June 6, 1847. He served in the Florida War. He was survived by a wife and six children. Edgefield Advertiser 6/30/1847, p3

Col. George B. Moore had a girl or 2 already by a Patsy Covington when he married Sarah jane Ryan.

Benjamin Ryan family from "John Ryan Book, National Genealogical Society Vol 51, No02,
(Data extracted by Charles Dyson Rodenbough, from the personal ledger of John Ryan 1802-1827.
Col. George B. Moore, born 1769 in SC (Little River of Saluda in current Laurens Co), died 12 Mar 1806, per John Ryan Book. 
He married Sarah ("Sally") Jane Ryan (b. 4 Aug 1780 - 26 Jun 1860) Moore, daughter of Lacon and Margaret Ryan.   Their four children were
(1) John Elder Moore (b. ~1800, d. 1817-9 per Edgefield Equity Court Records dated Jun 1817 and 13 Jan 1819);
(2) Mary ELizabeth Elder Moore, b. 1 Apr 1801 per John Ryan book; married Benjamin Tillman on 15 Nov 1818; d. 13 Oct 1881;
(3) Elizabeth Berryman Moore, b. 5 Mar 1803; married Ralsa M. Fuller and Lacon P.E.B. Ryan on 25 Apr 1820; d. 19 Apr 1846 (buried at Horns Creek Baptist Church); has one child in 1836
(4) William Goforth Moore, b. 10 Jul 1805; adopted by Benjamin Gallman his stepfather.
May have used the Gallman surname of his stepfather Benjamin Gallman by 1817; married
Francesca A. Johnson on 3 Dec 1829 and Jane Heard on 10 Mar 1842; d. 19 Oct 1888 in Lisbon, Claiborne Parish LA. Name changed to Coleman. William G. Coleman.

Edgefield Death Notices and Cemetery Records, Carlee McClendon, 1977 by Hives Press, PO Box 1841, Columbia, S.C. 29202, p. 171:
Died, on June 26, 1860, at her residence in Edgefield District, Mrs. Sarah Gallman, widow of the late Benjamin Gallman, in the 80th year of her age. She was the daughter of Lacon Ryan who was an active Whig [Partisan in the Revolution, and fought gallantly throughout the war, under the command of his brother Capt. John Ryan. She seemed to inherit all the patriotism of her father and uncle. Six of her children survived her, along with 43 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren. (The Edgefield Advertiser, July 11, 1860).

Children of Sarah Ryan as of June 1817: Elizabeth Berryman Moore, John Elder Moore, Mary Elder Moore "Gallman," William Goforth Moore "Gallmann," Elizabeth Sellers Gallman b: 26 OCT 1807 in Edgefield, SC who eventually married Middleton Moseley on 23 MAR 1826 in probably near Edgefield, Susan H.W.F.R.A.F.V. Gallman married a cousin Stanmore B. Ryan in 1841 (which one is which? this Stanmore died in 1847), Lucretia Burr Gallman married Abner Bushnell, Edney A. F. Gallman, Rachael Harding Gallman, Priscilla H. G. Gallman, and American Herbert Elder Gallman married Sidney S. Boyce, William H. Gallmann.
  1. Has No Children Awivia GALLMAN
  2. Has No Children William Goforth Moore (GALLMAN) b: 10 JUL 1805 in Edgefield Co., SC died 19 Oct 1888 Louisiana adopted by Gallman, married Francesca A. Johnson and Jane Heard. He had 3 known sons- Benj. G. Gallman, Thomas B. Gallman and Francis B. Gallman
  3. Has No Children Elizabeth S. GALLMAN b: 25 OCT 1807 in Edgefield Co., SC first child of union, died 1892 in Alabama m Middleton Moseley
  4. Has No Children Rachel Harding GALLMAN b: 25 DEC 1809 in Edgefield Co., SC died 23 May 1829, 10 months after she married John E. Ryan and died having a son Benjamin Ryan
  5. Has No Children Priscilla F. GALLMAN b: 16 JAN 1812 in Edgefield Co., SC died 22 September 1829 age 17
  6. Has Children Susan H.W.F.R.A.V. GALLMAN b: 12 MAY 1814 in Edgefield Co, SC Buried at Horns Creek Baptist Church m Stanmore B. Ryan
  7. Has Children Lucretia Burr GALLMAN b: 12 NOV 1816 in Edgefield Co., SC die 31 Dec 1896 Liberty Hill, Edgefield SC m Abner Bushnell
  8. Has No Children Edney A. GALLMAN b: 1 FEB 1821 in Edgefield Co, SC Buried at Horns Creek Baptist Church m Monroe Augustine Ransom
  9. Has No Children America Herbert Elder GALLMAN b: 6 AUG 1825 in Edgefield Co., SC m Sidney Smith Boyce
_8 Jul 1791. John Ryan to Benjamin Ryan, both of Edgefield Co. SC for the consideration of the sum of 4560 acres in GA, within 20 miles of the Rock Landing on Ocone River have sold 4560 acres, being of twelve tracts: (1) 100 acres granted 1 Feb 1786 unto Martha Ryan; (2) 150 acres granted 23 Jun 1774 unto James Barrentine, adj. Daniel Ellis; James Harris; John Ryan; Moses Kirkland; John White; & Harmon Galman at time of survey; …
Source: Hendrix, Edgefield Deed Books, p. 56.
8 Jul 1791. John Ryan to Benjamin Ryan, both of Edgefield Co. SC for the consideration of the sum of ____ 4560 acres in Ga, within 20 miles of the Rock Landing on Ocone River have sold 4560 acres, being of 12 tracts: (1) 100 acres granted 1 Feb 1786 unto Martha Ryan; 150 acres granted 23 Jun 1774 unto James Barrentine, adj Daniel Ellis; James Harris; John Ryan; Moses Kirkland; John White; & Harmon Galmon at time of survey….
30 May 1793. Benjamin Ryan, the second & Milla [Emilia Odum], his wife to John Ryan, both of Edgefield for £1060, sold 4560 acres being 12 tracts that was conveyed by L&R 8 & 9 Jul 1791 viz. (2) 150 acres originally granted James Barrentin 23 Jun 1774 adj. Daniel Ellis; James Harris; John Ryan; Moses Kirkland; John White: & Harmon Galmon at time of survey.

16 Feb 1798. John Ryan, yeoman, to Joseph Griffin, planter. Deed, 16 Feb, 1798, $128, 100 acres on Horns Creek bounding land laid out to Moses Kirkland, Samuel Robertson, Harman Gallman, originally granted unto John White, 7 May 1774, since conveyed from sd White to Solomon Lucas 1778, since conveyed by Lucus to William Maples 24 January 1785, and from Maples to John Ryan 2 July 1788. Wit: Abram Lucas, John Luas Jr. /s/ John Ryan. Judge Joseph Hightower certifies relinquishment of dower by Martha Ryan wife of within named John Ryan, 26 June 1798. /s/ Martha Ryan. Proven 30 June 1798 by Abram Lucas; Richard Tutt. Rec. 30 Jun 1798.
17 Oct 1798. Edgefield Co SC Book O, 1798, p. 343.
John Ryan to Joseph Griffin, Esq., land in Edgefield, on Horse Creek, laid out to Moses Kirkland, bounded by Samuel Robinson, Harmon Gallman, grant was originally made to John White, 7th May, 1774, from White since conveyed to Solomon Lucas, 17th of Oct. 1778, he to Wm. Naples, he to John Lyon [sic], in 1788 to Joseph Griffin.
13 Feb 1775, Memorial: John Bayly, 200 acres in Granville County on Rogers Creek, a branch of Horns Creek, waters of Savannah River. Bounded SW and NE on Allen Addison; NE by Harman Gallman; NE by Joseph Walker; SE by said Walker; NE by Bounty Land; NW and NE by Daniel Marshall. Survey certified 16 Jan 1773; granted 31 Aug 1774. Quit rent in 2 years. John Murphy, DS. Delivered 15 Nov 1784 to Lacon Ryan. [13-315:3]
Source: Motes & Motes, p. 244.

History of the Baptists p 161: "Horns Creek Church located about five miles south of the town of Edgefield and constituted about 1768, was probably a branch of Stephens Creek Church, though the history of its early years is lost. Rev. Messrs. Daniel Marshall, Saunders Walker, and Benjamin Harry covered this region with their missionary labors. Horns Creek Church appears as a member of the Georgia Association in 1788 with Hezekiah Walker as minister. In 1790 criticism of Mr. Walker came before the Bethel Association, which was about to proceed against him when a report was made in 1791 that Horns Creek Church had already acted in such a way as to produce "satisfaction respecting the charges "Hezekiah Walker, John Frasier, and Samuel Walker with several others members . . . did by their petition" ask and obtain incorporation by act of January 20, 1790, naming "The Baptist Church on Horns Creek in Edgefield County, in the State of South Carolina." John Bolger, a candidate for the ministry in 1792, soon left them."

History of the Baptists: "Between the years of 1772 and 1783,'there was almost complete suspension of religious work due mainly to the American Revolution. It appeared that Mr. Daniel Marshall, who organized Georgia's first Baptist Church (Kiokee) in 1772, was the only pastor of any denomination who shepherded a flock all the way through the conflict. He was the son of Presbyterian parents in Connecticut and was baptized at the age of 48 during the period in American Religion known as the "Great Awakening". Marshall began his journey to the South and on the way spent a number of years preaching to the Mohawk Indians in the wilderness. His early work brought immediate conflict with English rule as he was arrested for preaching. This incident occurred on one of his visits from South Carolina into Georgia in approximately the year 1770, a few miles north of Augusta near the Savannah River. The arresting officer was Mr. Samuel Cartledge who was only 19 or 20 years old at the time. Records are not clear as to who ordered the arrest, but it appears that Mr. Cartledge, as a constable, was performing his duty in accord with action taken by the state legislature. It seems Mr. Marshall was in prayer and conducting public worship when he felt heavy hands on his shoulders with the exclamation from Mr. Cartledge, "You are my prisoner!" At his trial it is said Mr. Marshall quoted much scripture and was ordered to stop preaching, but following the example of Paul he said: "Whether it be right to obey God rather than man, judge, ye". Mr. Cartledge was much impressed and deeply moved by this man and was later converted and became a member of Kiokee congregation, a Deacon and a Baptist preacher."

Horns Creek Baptist Church near Millie Odum's husband Capt. Benjamin Ryan

Cemetery records in Horns Creek-
The historic church where this marker rests is Horn's Creek Baptist Church. The church, founded in 1768, was the centerpoint of the rural South Carolina religious movement during its time. It was founded by Reverend Daniel Marshall as the first Baptist Church in upstate SC. The marker also speaks of a skirmish near here. In 1781, a group of American soldiers under the command of Captain Thomas Key attacked and defeated a group of Loyalists near this marker.
The roads leading up to this place are no more than logging roads. Be very careful when driving out there. Don't go when it's wet or about to rain. The red clay is quite dangerous. I even get nervous driving my car on the roads when it's dry. :)
The church itself is old and abandoned. The building is not kept up and has been vandalized by a mess of people over time, but it's still worth seeing the inside and out. BE VERY CAREFUL INSIDE! There are holes in the floor, and it's full of bugs. The cemetery in the back is also in disrepair, but well worth seeing. Some headstones are totally disintegrated, some have just fallen, and some are in perfect shape. Again, BE CAREFUL that you don't damage anything.
If you go, please report on the state of the creepy RV that's parked on the private property right behind the marker. If you go at night, the RV is the scariest part of the visit. The last two times we visited, we spent most of our time trying to figure out if somebody lives there or not.
DSC01822 207247827_1ea8c39430_o

1810 Rev. Samuel G. Marsh who married the widow of Capt. Benjamin Ryan Sr 1815. She was Emelia /Amelia "Milly" Odum who assulted a man and her husband was sued and had to pay damages. After Capt. Ryan died she married Rev Samuel Marsh but she got shot inside her house while Samuel Marsh was the only one home, but the murder was not "solved." Although it pretty obvious.   She never have had had children, so considering the circumstances, her brother sued Samuel Marsh. Marsh then took the oportunity to remarry another widow and headed out of town westward.


email from Odom descendant 18. Juni 2008

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for posting what is a most useful and informative blog recently. I was searching google for the keywords Odom and Edgefield County, and came across yo
ur blog, "Looking for Odom and Williams of Edgefield and Aiken SC". I believe I am descended from the Abraham and Sibby Odom family, but am currently trying to prove the connection.

I know there are a lot of people out there who erroneously try to claim descendancy from this Abraham, but I believe that I have pretty good circumstantial evidence that I am either descended from them, or have an ancestor who was a sibling or other close relation. My ancestor, Elkanah Odom, owned a piece of land in Sampson/Duplin County, North Carolina that was owned by an Abraham Odom originally. The other neighboring land purchases at the time were made by relatives of Abraham who married Sibby, and there are also witness names to deeds that consistently seem to be around this Odom family, including being associated with that parcel and neighboring parcels. These names all go back to Bertie County, North Carolina originally. I'm writing from memory here, as my information is on my other computer, but I've spent a lot of time on trying to trace my connection to Abraham and Sibby. I get stuck at Elkanah, whose parents I cannot conclusively identify, but I suspect he is a granson of Abraham and Sibby, or perhaps a nephew.

Elkanah had two land dealings (that I know of) in Duplin County, NC before moving to Edgefield County, SC
 somewhere around 1800. He never shows up in a census for any of these counties. From Edgefield, he moved right across the border to Columbia County, GA (in 1820 Columbia County census), and then moved on to Walton and Coweta Counties. I have a couple references to him in Edgefield, and his sibling, Dildatha Odom is in the 1800 and 1810 Edgefield censuses. I have managed to document him extremely well from 1820 to 1850, but have only hints of his activites before Georgia. He was born between 1768 and 1775, depending on which census age is correct.

So, after that longwinded explanation, I was wondering if you have ever come across Elkanah or any of his known siblings in your research of Edgefield County?  (Siblings are Dildatha, Hallatia, and Bethany Harris, who married Revolutionary soldier Benjamin Harris) I wouldn't normally assume somebody might know something, but your blog is SO detailed, that it is obvious you have spent a lot of time in Edgefield research, so I thought it might be possible that you've come across these guys.

Thanks again for your wonderful blog! I really enjoyed reading it. I've come across a legal transcription of the Milly Odom ordeal before, but didn't really understand who any of the players were, or why there seemed to be a conflict among the heirs and her husband (if I'm remembering the document correctly). I spent a lot of time trying to figure out who all those people were because of the Edgefield connection, but I live in Arizona, and the internet is my only real tool for research. I was thrilled to read a full explanation and also some greater detail on the Odoms I am interested in.

If you are able to provide any clues to my Edgefield connection, I thank you in advance. If not, please continue to post your amazing blogs!

Marla Odom
Tucson, Arizona

From Floyd H. Lawson, November 1998:
Abram Odom is shown as being at the Battle of Cowpens, SC, on 17 Jan 1781, His dau., Elizabeth Lovica Odom, m. John Manasco, Sr. Their son, James Knox Polk Manasco, married the dau. of William Manley Rutledge, and his wife, Nancy Ball Lawson - Martha Ann Rutledge. There is a story about James Knox Polk "Uncle Polk" Manasco and his brothers-in-law, James Daniel and William Rutledge avenging the death of William Manley Rutledge. The latter was killed by Joe Smallwood, 1866, in a conflict when William Manley had gone to a store along with his wife, Nancy Ball Lawson Rutledge. Joe was drunk and was trying to coerce William Manley to imbibe with him; William Manley Rutledge refused. Joe struck William Manle[y between the shoulders with "brass knucks" and William Manley apparently mounted his horse along with his wife and William Manley fell from his horse a short distance from the place of the fracas. So, his two sons and son-in-law, avenged his death by going to his home and shooting him - dead. Neither of them knew whose bullet hit him. Abram Odom was in SC as early as 20 Jun 1780, as that was the date on which his daughter, Elizabeth Lovica Odom, was born in that state. Source: The Manasco Genealogy, courtesy Floyd Arnold Guthrie, 1193 McDAde Road, Carbon Hill, AL. 35549

Abram Odom had another daughter, Jane, who married Peter Ingle in GA, circa 1805.Peter Ingle is the g.grandfather of the compiler, Floyd H. Lawson.

In 1798 BARNWELL DISTRICT was established. 
Known children of Major Benjamin ODOM Sr. and Julia (Walker) ODOM include the following:  
1. Martha Ann ODOM b. 1 Nov. 1779; d. 10 Sept 1843; m. Rev. Darling PEEPLES.           
*2. Benjamin ODOM, Jr. born 6 AUG 1781 in Barnwell, South Carolina; d.  1847 Randolph Co., GA; m. Jane McCREARY.      Son was Has Children James Samuel Odom b: 4 FEB 1814   
**3. Michael W(ellington) ODOM b. ca 1794 in Barnwell Co SC; d. ca 1842, Madison Co MS; m. Dorcus WALKER. 
4. Sarah ODOM married John MATHENEY.  
5. Levica ODOM.  
6. Julia ODOM.  
7. Ann ODOM married Muke A. YOUN(G).  
8. Emelia ODOM married John REED. 

Michel in Barnwell 1860.
1860 United States Federal Census
Michal W Odom [Michael W Odom] 
Age in 1860:
Birth Year:
abt 1800
South Carolina
Home in 1860:
Barnwell, South Carolina
Post Office:
Value of real estate:
Household Members:
Michael's children were
  1. Has No Children Emanuel ODOM b: 1811 in Barnwell County,South Carolina
  2. Has No Children John ODOM b: 24 AUG 1812 in South Carolina
  3. Has Children Jesse B ODOM b: 4 APR 1818 in South Carolina
  4. Has No Children Michael ODOM b: 1820
  5. Has No Children Pinckney ODOM b: 7 APR 1820 in South Carolina
  6. Has No Children Ann ODOM b: 1821 in Barnwell County,South Carolina
  7. Has No Children Elias ODOM b: 1824 in South Carolina
  8. Has No Children Benjamin Wellington ODOM b: 14 MAR 1828 in Barnwell County,South Carolina
  9. Has No Children Mary Albany ODOM b: 29 DEC 1832 in Barnwell County,South Carolina
  10. Has No Children Germina ODOM b: 1833 in South Carolina
  11. Has No Children Serena ODOM
  12. Has No Children Jamison ODOM
Major Benjamin ODOM born 16 DEC 1758 in South Carolina Death: 11 DEC 1822 in Barnwell, South Carolina (also noted as Captain Benjamin ODOM elsewhere),  but it was several years before the estate was settled.  Petition for Partition was entered  23 March 1824 in Court of Equity, Barnwell District, SC, and set up to be heard at the  January Term 1825.  The heirs petitioned the court to dispose of the property “that they  had heretofore enjoyed the said property in common but it being inconvenient and also  contrary to their intent to continue to do so” they wanted the estate divided.  The estate,  consisting of several hundred acres of land, was sold at auction and John REED, widower  of the deceased Benjamin ODOM’s deceased daughter Emelia (ODOM) REED, bought  the property. 

During the 1830’s Michael W. ODOM left Barnwell, SC with his family and settled  in Madison Co., Mississippi.  One son Pinckney ODOM married and lived in Alabama for a  few years.  Probably soon after Michael’s death in 1842, Pinckney and three of his brothers  John, Jesse, and Benjamin W. moved their families farther west to Union Parish, LA
Benjamin Odom Sr m. Julia Walker
son of Abraham Odom Jr  ca 1725 of Barnwell SC and his wife Sibby Barnes
Title: "Major"
Birth: 6 DEC 1758
Death: 11 DEC 1822 in Barnwell, South Carolina
Memorandum of the sale of the Estate of Benjamin O'Dom Senr decd, made by Benjn O'Dom Jr William Walker administrators the 24th day of March 1823 Benjamin O'Dom1 Bay Mare$80 Julia O'Dom1 Roan Horse112 John Mitchell1 Bay Horse60 John H. Hare?1 Cow & Yearling10.621/2 Owen O'Dom1 Cow & yearling13.061/4 Levica O'Dom1 Cow & Yearling13.50289.183/4 Benjamin O'Dom1 Cow & Yearling15 Mose Hatley1 Cow & Calf14 ""12.75 ""11.75 Jonathan Jowery1 Cow & Calf12 Darling Peeples1 lot 4 Head ?? Cattle1888.50 William Carroll1 Cow & Yearling12 William Matheny1 Three year Bulls8 Julia O'Dom1 Negro Man (Jacob)630 Levica O'Dom1 Yellow Boy (Jack)512 Sarah O'Dom1 Small Blk Boy (Randy)239 "1 Negro wench (Dorcy)3001701 Mr. D.? Peeples1 Bed & Stead & Furniture31.50 "2 Bed Gum 1 @ $1 1 @ 1.121/22.121/2 William Blum1 Bed Gum1.25 Mr. D. Peeples"1.121/2 M. W. O'Dom"1.25 ""2.0039.25 Benjn O'Dom1 Black Sheep2.00 M. W. O'Dom1 lot plow Gear1.75 William Carrol1 drawing knife & lathe .75 William Matheny1 lot plows1.50 Hugh Roney1 axe & plow1.121/2 Isaac Watson1 lot Hoes .931/4 Benjn O'Dom5 Cow Hides5.0013.063/4 amount carried over2126 Amount Brot Forward2126 William Walker1 lot Blk Smith tools18 Ezekiel Perry1 old Waggon19.25 Benjn O'Dom1 loom $3.25 & 1 Table $25.25 Levica O'Dom2 Spinning Wheels2.00 Sarah O'Dom1 Iron Pot1.121/2 Abraham O'Dom10 Head Geese6.2553.25 Julia O'Dom1 lot Windsor chair4.0018.821/2 M. W. O'Dom1 " old chairs1.502198.121/2 Sabert O'Dom1 Table .561/4 Mr. Israel Walker1 trunk .683/4 Sarah O'Dom1 lot Hogs11.00 "1 lot Bacon lb @ 63/4------ M. W. O'Dom1 old Gun1.121/2 Henry Peeples54 2/3 Bushels Corn @ $154.00 "1000 lbs Fodder @ $1.0110.00 SignedBenjn ODom Admins. Wm Walker Benjamin O'Dom, [Jr.], Julia O'dom, Levica O'Dom, Sarah O'Dom, M. W. O'Dom, are known children of Benjamin O'dom, senr., deceased. His oldest daughter, Martha, was married to Mr. D. Peeples and another daughter Emelia was married to John Reed. Neither Emelia nor John Reed are listed in this document. Transcription of suit to partition property of Benjamin Odom made by James L. Holman in 1981: "South Carolina} Barnwell District} In Equity: "To the honorable the Judges of the Court of Equity of the said state Humbly complaining shew unto your Honor your Orator and Oratrixes, Benjamin Odom, Darling Peeples and Martha his wife, Sarah Odom, Muke A. Youn (g) and Ann his wife, Michael W. Odom, Levice Odom and Julia Odom of the District and State aforesaid that Benjamin Odom the elder the father of your Orators and Oratrixes late of the District and state aforesaid, that being seized in fee of and in all that plantation or tract of land containing about eight hundred and eight acres commonly called Kelley's Cowpens situate in the District aforesaid adjoining lands of Darling Peeples, Cornelius Tobin, and being so seized on or about the _____ day of _____ in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty ____ departed this life intestate whereupon the same descend to and become distributable among your Orators and Oratrixes and Benjamin Reed the only child of Emelia Reed deceased a daughter of the said intestate in equal eight parts, that is to say to your Orators and Oratrixes, Benjamin Odom, Michael W. Odom, Sarah Odom, Levice Odom and Julia Odom one eighth part, and to Darling Peeples and Martha his wife in the right of the said Martha one eighth part, to Muke a. Youn(g) and Ann his wife in right of the said Ann one eighth part, and to the said Benjamin Reed one other eighth part in undivided shares as tenants in common and your Orators and Oratrixes further shew unto your Honor that they have hereunto enjoyed the said premises in common, but it being inconvenient and also contrary to their intent to continue so to do, your Orators and Oratrixes are desirous that partition of the said premises should be made between them. But now so it is may it please your Honor that the said Benjamin Reed is an infant, and incapable of assenting to a partition of the said premises. In tender consideration whereof and for as much as your Orators and Oratrixes cannot have adequate relief unto the premises except in this Honorable Court where matters of partition are properly cognizable, and where the rights of infants can be properly protected. To the end therefore that the said Benjamin Reed may true and perfect answer make to all and singular the premises; and that a writ of partition may issue out of this Honorable Court to be directed to proper commissioners for the purpose of making a just and equal partition between your Orators and Oratrixes and the said Benjamin Reed so that each respectively may have and enjoy his, her and their own part or share in severalty; and that your Orators and Oratrixes may have such further and other relief in the premises as the nature of their case may require. May it please your Honor to grant to your Orator and Oratrixes a writ of subpoena to be directed to the said Benjamin Reed commanding him on a certain day and under a certain plan therein to be limited personally to be and appear before your Honor in this Honorable Court, and then and there true and perfect answer make to all and singular the premises and facts to stand by and perform such order and decree that as to your Honor shall seem agreeable to equity and good conscience. And your Orators and Oratrixes will ever pray and so forth. "Angus Patterson Counselor" Transcription of the purchase of Benjamin Odom's property at auction by John Reed, the widower of Emelia Odom and the father of Benjamin Reed: "The State of South Carolina Barnwell District In the Court of Equity "Whereas Benjamin Odom, Darling Peeples and Martha his wife, Sarah Odom, Muke A. Youn and Ann his wife, Michael W. Odom, Lovice Odom and Julia Odom filed their Bill of complaint in the honorable the Court of Equity for Barnwell District against Benjamin Reed on the twenty third day of March in the year of our Lord one-thousand eight-hundred and twenty four praying that a writ of partition might be issued to certain commissioners, to administer, lay off and divide a certain tract or parcel of land herein after mentioned and described belonging to the Estate of Benjamin Odom now deceased. And the cause being at issue before this Honorable Court came on to be heard at January Term when the said Court after full hearing thereof and mature deliberation in these premises did order, and adjudge and decree that the said tract or parcel of land containing eight hundred and eight acres should be sold by the commissioner of the said court at public auction on the terms and for the purposes mentioned in their Decretal order. In pursuance of the Decretal order of the Court, I Jennings O'Bannion Commissioner of the said Court, after legally advertising the same, did on the seventh day of March in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and twenty five issue to public sale the tract of land hereinafter intended more fully to be described; whereat John Reed became the purchaser of the said tract of land for the sum of two thousand and one dollars, having at that price the highest and last bid. . . ." 4/11/2005 Benjamin may be the Benjamin who served in Col. William Harden's regiment which was a part of Gen. Francis Marion's brigade. No proof yet if he is that Benjamin who is listed as the commanding officer of a Tory detachment that lost sixteen men at the Battle of Windy Hill in Dec. 1781. Here is a blurb about Col. Harden: "Now city engineer of Dawson, Terrell county, Mr. Harden represents the Harden family in a younger generation and his forefathers were among the most prominent citizens of south Georgia from the time of the Revolution down. Thomas Hutson Harden was born in Terrell county, was a son of Daniel McWhir Harden, a native of Bryan county, and a grandson of Thomas Hutson Harden, and a great-grandson of William Harden, the founder of this branch of the family in Georgia.  William Harden was born in South Carolina. He served as captain of the Beauford Artillery from 1743 to 1785. In March, 1786, he was commander at Port Lyttleton. He was promoted colonel of militia under Gen. Stephen Bull, and in 1779 attacked the British at Wiggins Hill. He served as colonel under Gen. Francis Marion during the campaign of 1780 and 1781, and was in a number of skirmishes with the British and captured Fort Balfour with one hundred prisoners." (Source: which lists its source as: A History of Savannah and South Georgia, Volume II Illustrated, William Harden; The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1913, pp. 988-990 

  • Marriage 1 Julia WALKER 
    1. Has Children Emelia ODOM married John Reed  She died after bearing a son Benjamin Reed 1823
    2. Has Children Martha Ann ODOM b: 1 NOV 1779 in Barnwell District, SC m. Darling Peeples .of Henry Plantation . She died and was buried in Old River Carroll Cem. in Blackville SC and had Henry M. PEEPLES b: 3 APR 1797 Mary Parmelia PEEPLES b: 22 OCT 1799 Darling Pinckney PEEPLES b: 27 JAN 1802 Elizabeth Amelia PEEPLES b: 21 DEC 1804 Benjamin Franklin PEEPLES b: APR 1809 John J. PEEPLES b: 10 JAN 1814 Ann L. PEEPLES b: 12 NOV 1817
    3. Has Children Benjamin ODOM , Jr. b: 6 AUG 1781 in Barnwell, SC died 10 Sept 1843 in Cuthbert, GA married Jane McCreary and had  Martha Ann 7 Nov 1811 and James Samuel 4 Feb 1814
    4. Has No Children Nancy Ann ODOM b: 1792 in Barnwell, SC married Muke Alan Youn/ Yuan/ Yawn b. 6 April 1794, lived in orangeburg District
    5. Has Children Michael Wellington ODOM b: 1794 in Barnwell County, South Carolina. Millwright. Lived in Williston, SC married Dorcas Walker, had Jamison ODOM b: 1809 Ann ODOM b: 1810 in Barnwell County, South Carolina John ODOM b: 9 AUG 1811 in Barnwell, South Carolina Jesse B. ODOM , Sr. b: 4 APR 1818 in , South Carolina Pinckney ODOM b: 7 APR 1820 in Barnwell, South Carolina Michael ODOM b: 1821 Chesley Duncan ODOM b: 1824 in SC Elias ODOM b: 1824 in South Carolina Benjamin Wellington ODOM b: 14 MAR 1828 in Barnwell, South Carolina Mary Albany ODOM b: 29 DEC 1832 in Barnwell County, South Carolina Gemima ODOM b: 1833 in , South Carolina  Serena ODOM b: 1835 in Madison County, MS
    6. Has Children Levica ODOM b: 1797 in Barnwell, SC married ca 1832 to Charles Matheny and they took the side of Sarah. Lived in Williston SC. had Julia MATHENY b: 1833 Benjamin Franklin MATHENY b: JUL 1835 Sarah Rosanna MATHENY b: 1836
    7. Has No Children Sarah ODOM b: 1800 in Barnwell, SC married ca 1826 to John Matheny. John and Sarah Odom Matheny separated in 1838 after "thirteen or fourteen" years of marriage. Sarah was "childless" and did not get along with John's two children by a previous marriage. Source: Barnwell chancery court papers.
    8. Has Children Julia ODOM b: 1803 in Barnwell, SC married John Reed ca 1825 after her sister's death, had James W. REED b: 1826 Wiley REED b: 1828 Julia REED b: 1830 Wade REED b: 1834 Ellen REED b: 1836 Cornelia REED b: 1840 Sarah REED b: 1842 Martha REED b: 1844   

  •  The Barnwell Odoms are listed here by:

    Bettie Kroll ODOM (Mrs. J.Y.)
                             3 January 1993
                 MARTHA ANN ODOM - near Barnwell, South Carolina
              Sacred to the memory of The Reverend Darling Peeples 
                                     Son of 
               Henry and Sarah Peeples, who was born in Barnwell 
                District, S.C. on the 24th Nov 1774 and died on 
                the 3rd Jan 1850, aged 76 years, 1 month, 9 days
            He was a liberal contributor to Enterprise beneficial to 
              the State; was the first to advocate the Temperance 
                     Reformation in Barnwell District, etc.
                 "The path of the just is as the Shining Light 
         That shineth more and more into the Perfect Day." Proverbs 4:18
       Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Martha (ODOM) Peeples, who was born
       in Barnwell District, S.C.  n the lst day of Nov. 1779 and died on
       the 10th Sept. 1848; aged 68 years 10 months, 10 days
         "Possessed of an Excellent mind, Great Fortitude,
          and kindness of Heart."
           "Thou art gone to the grave, But we will not deplore thee
           Though sorrows and darkness encompass thy tomb, 
           The Savior hath past through its portals
           And the lamp of his love is the guide through its gloom."
    The children of Darling and Martha ODOM Peeples on East side of monument:
    Ann L. Duncan (Wm. H.)           Mary P. Tarrant (Jas. W.)
    born 12th Nov 1817               born 22 Oct 1799
    died Oct 1836                    died 27 May 1820
    Elizabeth A. Peeples             Aged 20 yrs- 7 mos. 5 days
    born 21 Dec 1804                 Henry M. Peeples
    died 28 June 1812                born 3 April 1797
    Aged 7 years, 6 mos. 7 days      died Jan 1824 
                                     Aged 26 years, 9 months
    John J. Peeples 
    born 10 Jan 1814                 Dr. Pinckney Peeples
    died 16 Jan 1814                 born 27 Jan 1802
    Aged 6 days                      died 13 April 1829 
                                     Aged 26 years. 2 mos. 17 days
    Benjamin F. Peeples              
    born 18 April 1809
    died 14 Oct 1819
    Aged 10 years, 5 mos. 26 days
    Ryan information from
    From the NGS Book 51 No 2 pgs 114-118

    John Ryan's Book by Charles Dyson Rodenbough

    John Ryan's Book contains the combined accounts of the operation of his
    plantations; his personal and family dealings; and the record of marriages,
    births and deaths of his family, friends, neighbors and his slaves. It covers an
    active period from 1802 until John Ryan's death in 1827, although their are
    dates recorded from recollections prior to 1802. Since John Ryan was a man of
    considerable note in the Ninety-six District of South Carolina his record covering
    the period mentions many of the families in this area of South Carolina.
    John Ryan was the son of Benjamin and Mary Ryan. His parents came to South
    Carolina from Virginia (probably Augusta County). John Ryan is believed to
    have been born near Edgefield, SC. He fought in the Indian Wars against the
    Cherokees and in the Revolution as a Captain of the First South Carolina Militia,
    Col LeRoy Hammond's Regiment. He is treated at length in Johnson's "Traditions
    and Reminisences of the Revolution," but he is erroneously referred to there
    as James Ryan. John Ryan had two brothers-Benjamin and Lacon. Altough all three
    brothers married, only Lacon Ryan left issues-a son Benjaman and a daughter
    The John Ryan Book is now the property of Mrs Juliette Loving Green, a
    ggggranddaugher of Lacon Ryan. It was given to Mrs Green by Rev Herbert Boyce
    Satcher, who himself is a gggrandson of Lacon Ryan. lacon Ryan's 2 children Benjamin and Sarah were the heirs of their childless uncle Cap Benjamin Ryan and his wife Milly Odom who was murdered, probably by her husband to illegally obtain his estate and rob the orphans. Over a period of years the
    book has sustained a great deal of physical damage. Some pages have been lost,
    others have been partially torn off. There has been damage from bugs, which have
    eaten away portions of pages, and from water. Finally, during a period
    corresponding roughly with the Civil War the book was used by the family for a
    scrapebook, for pasting numerous newspaper clippings to the pages. This treatment
    necessitated a great deal of tedious work for many hours in order to make out a
    transcript of the contents. Dr. Satcher did most of this tedious work and the
    complier has finished the work he started.
    The following is a list of all references to births, deaths and marriages
    (except slaves) as they are found in John Ryan's Book. All entries that might
    indicate any useful information were included even ifthey are unclear or
    incomplete due to damage to the book. Those words or letters that are not definitely
    clear are italicized, as are portions of words which had to be assumend.
    Words or dates that cannot be assumed with reasonable certainty are omitted as
    indicated by dashes. Spelling has been correscted on all words except names.

    1775 November Milly Odom came to this place. August 1776 Benjamin Ryan
    married said Milly Odom.
    --25 at night Capt. Gilbord Longstreet was married to -----Miss Elizabeth
    Lee. Married by Bartee Esquire
    18-- Nov'r 15 Benn Tillman and Mary Moor married
    181- August 28 Mary Tillman's son was born
    6 of Sep'r 1821 Mary Tillman's 2 son was born
    1821 October 25 William Dobey's child was vorn a daughter. 2 sons and 1
    1821 October 24 Polly Rambo's child was born her 4 child and no fathers all
    November 5, 1821 Peggey Ryan and Pickens Ryan left this house and moved to
    Benjamin Gallman to live.
    James Cabbe was born in 1785 May 12.
    --13 August 1804 Julie Ann Nobles was born.
    Benjamin Ryan father of John Ryan, Benjamin Ryan and Lake Ryan was born in
    the year of 1718. December 16, 1793 died in Edgefield.
    Mary Ryan wife of Benjamin Ryan was born march 25, 1708 and died October 27,
    1799. Aged 91.
    John Ryan son of Benj'n Ryan was born October 30, 1743. (Added in another
    handwriting) aged 84 years October 1827. Died on the 1st day of.
    Benjamin Ryan son of Benjamin was born July 21, 1745.
    Lacon Ryan son of Benjamin Ryan and mary Ryan his mother was born June 6,
    1748 and died November 4, 1785. Aged 37 years.
    1813 November 11 Benjamin Ryan Junior died son of Benjamin Ryan.
    1816 May 29 Milly Ryan but now Mash was shot and killed. Died in her own
    1817 may 7 Samuel mash married the widow Blocker. Abraham Marshel married
    Martha Ryan was born in the year of our Lord on the 8th day of April 1748,
    and departed this life on the 20th day of February 1818. Aged 70 years.
    1804 August 3 Julie Ann Nobles was born.
    1818 Nov'r 12 Mr. Quels son was born. (probably Carter Quels an overseer on
    John Ryan's Estate)
    1821 August 15 Benj'n Tillman's child was vorn a daughter.
    1824 October -- day Carter Quels son was born.
    1811 June 7 Judge Joseph Hightower cut his throat with a pen knife in his own
    yard about daybreak.
    1813 February 23 Jack White died.
    1817 August 7 Joseph Rudon was married.
    Patty Rudon was married to Capt. Abney 17 August 1817.
    1814 July 7 Polley Pitman died wife of John Pitman.
    1814 July 9 Sier Lamon wife died.
    1814 September 1 Benj. william Longstreet died.
    1814 Sepr. 1 Sam Roper wife died.
    1814 Sepr 3 John Blocker Junior Esquire Died.
    1814 August Abraham Hardes Died.
    1814 Sepr. 3 James Eden died.
    1814 August Mastrack Right died.
    1814 October 2 James Lamon died.
    1814 October 4 Frankey Ryan died.
    1814 October 5 major Holleway died.
    1814 November 2 Eden Lamon died.
    1814 Sepr Robert Lamon died.
    1814 December 24 Benjamin Darbey died.
    1815 January 16 Harod Burt died.
    1815 March 14 Mr. Oliver died wife of Nan Oliver.
    1815 March 18 --ve Memes died.
    1815 April 27 Drurey Adams died.
    1815 April 26 Mr. Frazer died -----of Ben Frasher.
    1815 June 4 Mrs. Swrengame died.
    1815 June 6 John Olever died.
    1815 July 6 Mrs. Johnson Died.
    1815 August 17 Capt Richard Johnson died.
    1815 June 11 William Nobles Peter was killed at the old willeson Sunday.
    1815 September 1 day Ephram Fluel died.
    1815 Sepr 20 Thomas Marbery died.
    1815 Ocober in the first week of the month died Abson Roberts Eberson and
    LeRoy Hammond.
    1815 November 5 John Barnes died.
    1815 November 6 Major Barnes died.
    1815 November 5 Robark Willeson died.
    1815 Debr 22 Craford a member of the legislature died on his own horse.

    Cemetery records in Edgefield Co SC for Ryan-
    Edgefield County
    1850 Edgefield census Ryans:

    22B   39  Ryan           Adilla           7     South Carolina    pg0018a.txt
    83A   26  Ryan           America          8     South Carolina    pg0082a.txt
    22B   36  Ryan           B. J.            54    South Carolina    pg0018a.txt
    85B   33  Ryan           Benj. J.         10    South Carolina    pg0082a.txt
    2A    41  Ryan           Benja.           21    Edgefield,S.C.    pg0001a.txt
    82B   29  Ryan           Benjamin G.      21    South Carolina    pg0082a.txt
    83A   24  Ryan           Edney            13    South Carolina    pg0082a.txt
    22B   42  Ryan           Emily B. J.      2/12  South Carolina    pg0018a.txt
    22B   37  Ryan           Frances          25    South Carolina    pg0018a.txt
    85B   19  Ryan           Jabes            12    South Carolina    pg0082a.txt
    8B    10  Ryan           John E. F.       22    South Carolina    pg0001a.txt
    83A   25  Ryan           Joseph           11    South Carolina    pg0082a.txt
    22B   41  Ryan           Larken           3     South Carolina    pg0018a.txt
    83A   27  Ryan           Lecretia         7     South Carolina    pg0082a.txt
    83A   28  Ryan           Mary             5     South Carolina    pg0082a.txt
    85B   31  Ryan           P. B.            37    South Carolina    pg0082a.txt
    85B   32  Ryan           Rebecca          42    South Carolina    pg0082a.txt
    83A   23  Ryan           Sarah            14    South Carolina    pg0082a.txt
    156B  12  Ryan           Stanmore         20    So Ca             pg0151b.txt
    83A   22  Ryan           Susan            37    South Carolina    pg0082a.txt
    22B   38  Ryan           Susan C.         8     South Carolina    pg0018a.txt
    22B   40  Ryan           William          5     South Carolina    pg0018a.txt
    1860 census EdgefieldEdgefield SC /1860/ census index/ Edgefield SC

    Ryan              Adella             16       SC                 212   107A   Edgefield C. H.   Edgefield District      
    Ryan              Almer   (Elmer)     2        SC                 212   107A   Edgefield C. H.   Edgefield District      
    Ryan              America            18       S.C.               46    24A    Graniteville      Edgefield District      
    Ryan              B. G.              31       S.C.               82    42A    Edgefield C H     Edgefield District      
    Ryan              B. J.              62       SC                 212   107A   Edgefield C. H.   Edgefield District      
    Ryan              Edwin              4        S.C.               82    42A    Edgefield C H     Edgefield District      
    Ryan              Elbert             12       SC                 212   107A   Edgefield C. H.   Edgefield District      
    Ryan              Emma               10       SC                 212   107A   Edgefield C. H.   Edgefield District      
    Ryan              F. A.              35       SC                 212   107A   Edgefield C. H.   Edgefield District      
    Ryan              Joseph             19       S.C.               46    24A    Graniteville      Edgefield District      
    Ryan              Julius             21       SC                 178   90A    Colliers          Edgefield District      
    Ryan              Louisa             27       S.C.               82    42A    Edgefield C H     Edgefield District      
    Ryan              Lucretia           17       S.C.               46    24A    Graniteville      Edgefield District      
    Ryan              Mary               15       S.C.               46    24A    Graniteville      Edgefield District      
    Ryan              P. B. E.           46       SC                 131   66B    Edgefield C. H.   Edgefield District      
    Ryan              Pauline A.         6        S.C.               82    42A    Edgefield C H     Edgefield District      
    Ryan              Pierce F.          2        S.C.               81    41B    Edgefield C H     Edgefield District      
    Ryan              Rebecca            53       SC                 131   66B    Edgefield C. H.   Edgefield District      
    Ryan              S. B.              28       S.C.               81    41B    Edgefield C H     Edgefield District      
    Ryan              S., Mrs.           47       S.C.               45    23B    Graniteville      Edgefield District      
    Ryan              Unity G.           28       S.C.               81    41B    Edgefield C H     Edgefield District      
    Ryan              Wm                 14       SC                 212   107A   Edgefield C. H.   Edgefield District      

    B.J. Ryan is Benjamin Jabez Ryan- Marriage 1 Frances A. Doby b: abt 1825 in SCMarried: 24 FEB 1841 in Edgefield, SCChildrenSusan Cornelia Ryan b: abt 1842 in SCAdella Ryan b: abt 1843 in SCWilliam P. Ryan b: abt 1845 in SCElbert Lacon Ryan b: 4 JUL 1847 in SCEmily B. J. Ryan b: abt 1850 in SCAlma V. Ryan b: abt 1858 in SC

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